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  1. Face it, the LPGA has had a huge hole in it since Annika's retirement. She is playing fantastic in the US Senior Women's Open. Sincerely hope she makes a comeback on the LPGA.
  2. My irons are Titleist 690mb I'll search for another new old stock set when I wear these out.
  3. The story I read seemed like accusations that would not land someone in jail. Got to be more to this one.
  4. I'm no fan of sports betting. To me it brings all sorts of possibilities for nefarious things to come into play in the world of sport. Doesn't matter what sport. We all know that through history there have been numerous scandals involving sports betting. The first thing that comes to my mind with what happened at The Memorial is, what IF? Not saying that's what happened here......but it calls things into a different perspective. What if it was a false positive? How much money was on the line in the betting world? Could it happen?
  5. There is a course in my area that is a lot like the OP described. If you are anywhere above the hole you are completely screwed. You might even putt it off the green on a few holes. Even once missed the cup with an uphill putt and had it go past the cup and then roll backwards and into the hole from above the hole. The course went bankrupt and is now in new hands and I haven't been back since the transition. Don't know if its still that way or not.
  6. I'm currently in my longest stretch ever. Haven't touched a club since October. Thanks to Covid the course and practice facilities have been insanely busy every time I drive by and I just keep driving. Golf used to be my escape from people and seeing the place crowded like that is such a buzzkill I just haven't been able to get motivated.
  7. I was injured early last season and then when I returned by club had gone from sleepy to insanely busy thanks to the Covid Surge. My routine used to be to play on my way home from work as its right on my way home. I'd play or practice 5 or 6 days a week. Last season I'd drive by and see the parking lot and range crowded and I'd just keep driving home. Good for the club but it broke me of my habit of going to the golf course after work. Its now May and I haven't played or practiced a single time. Haven't touched a club since October. Going to the course in the evenings was my escape from
  8. I realized about 10 years ago that the handicap system was by and large useless. For the most part I stopped playing in groups and events where sandbaggers would cheat the system. Only track handicap since coming to that realization as a means to track and measure my own play. My enjoyment of the game increased once all the handicap cheats were out of the picture. Instead of playing in the Saturday and Sunday morning sandbagger betting games I opted for end of the day solitude.
  9. I would love to have even a poorly maintained version of Augusta to walk daily as my home course. That course just looks so freaking fun. A good fair test of golf.
  10. There is a course near me that is similar in difficulty to Sawgrass with as much or more water in play. Championship layout with Island greens, peninsula greens and even an island fairway. Several holes have water down one side or the other of the fairway. Crazy greens and punishing bunkers. We play it at 74.2/139 at 6,920 yards as a par 72. I usually play there a few times a year. Don't think I'd want it to be my home course though. This course has always seemed to struggle with membership and I think its due to the very tough conditions. Even after they've dialed back the
  11. At the end of the day, its just a golf course. Funny how you cherrypicked my response and left out that I'd also expect a bunch or rounds in to 90s and a high round near 100.
  12. Index: 6.7 If I had to guess on 20 rounds I'd have a bunch of rounds in the low to mid 80s and a bunch in the low to mid 90s. I might also have a round around 76 but on the flip side I might have a bad one up near 100. I occasionally play a course that is ranked by Golf Magazine as being #40th hardest course in the US. Sawgrass is ranked 14th. It has tons of water, island greens and peninsula greens. This course has as much or more water trouble than Sawgrass. My experience there is I play either really well or really bad with not many rounds in the middle. With
  13. Two come to mind. The first is a course that was closed about 10 years ago. This course had high tension wires in the line of your tee shot on the finishing hole. The local rule was that if you hit the wires you had the option to re-tee. The second is a course that has a drivable par four as its first hole. Only problem is there is a green between you and the hole due to a poorly thought out design. They actually have signs posted saying you are not allowed to play left to try and drive the green.
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