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  1. Par 3 - Lasered at 141 yards. Playing slightly down hill and the hole was somewhat hidden due to a ridge running across the middle of the green. I hit a PW and we all thought it went in, but couldn’t be sure until we walked onto the green. Closest I’ve come to a hole in one, 4”. A bit of a let down, since I was sure I made my first hole in one, but it was the easiest birdie putt I’ve ever made!
  2. I ordered a set of AP2’s with the Modus 125s back in mid September...they just arrived this week. I was only told they were having issues getting the shafts from Nippon.
  3. That's what I want to know. They just hit 7 irons into it...
  4. TGW is also running the same deal right now.
  5. I like GolfWRX for all the equipment discussion and all other general golf knowledge that I wouldn't have learned unless for this site. Also, love all the WITB and tournament pictures!
  6. I try to spend at least 30 minutes on the range before a round and then another 10-15 min on the putting green. It definitely helps to get loose and check out the speed of the greens.
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