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  1. buu

    Vegas Oct 6-9

    Hey guys, headed to Vegas in early October. Definitely playing Paiute but looking for any other recommendations from folks that have recently played the courses and are familiar with conditions. I know they’ll just have completed overseeding at most places. Courses in consideration are Revere Lexington and Concord Cascata Rio Secco TPC Las Vegas thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide or any other courses I might have neglected to consider.
  2. If only the tsi2 was 10 degrees I’d take it in a heartbeat. What’s taking its place?
  3. buu

    Stanton Ridge

    Any Stanton Ridge (Readington, NJ) members in here? Wondering what kind of shape it’s in and are they hurting for members and willing to negotiate a bit. Was a member about 5 years back and enjoyed it but not sure how the course has changed or been kept since then. Also heard that they might have filed bankruptcy in the last year. Just looking for updates as I’m considering clubs in the area. Thanks all.
  4. I too am not in need but must applaud you for your desire to help out. If you got no traction with the idea how bout using the proceeds for lunch or coffee for some hospital staff at your local hospital. Covid sucks and they’ve been helping others through it all. Just a thought
  5. If you had a 10.0 head with that xc it’d be sold to me...glws
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