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  1. Gaming Launcher UHX and love them. Crazy forgiving with great feel and not too much offset. Anyone compare the Launcher XL to UHX?
  2. Understand that. But, I would send 3 emails to even get a response. I'm fine if they don't know when it is coming in, but at least let me know what the status is or pretend you care about my business.
  3. Do yourself a favor, try the Cleveland Launcher UHX irons. Can be had new for cheap. Amazing forgiveness, and great sole for all turf. I'm a convert.
  4. Is there a Launcher UHX iron update coming? These irons are on sale now and seriously underrated. Huge ball speeds and sweet spot, great launch, very forgiving.
  5. Ordered a shaft with ping tip for hybrid a few weeks ago. Minimal communication and not very responsive. Glad to hear they're legit, but they could/should be more proactive regarding communication given supply chain issues....
  6. Got it. Thanks. Wondering if some heads are better than others in terms of being able to adjust weight and reshaft as he gets bigger?
  7. Any tips about fitting for a rapidly growing teen? Kid is a recreational but solid golfer. 14 years old. Outgrown US kids TS clubs and needs a fitting. Any special consideration for this age group? Thanks!
  8. ephmen

    Sub 70 Clubs

    If anyone is interested, I just posted a barely used set of 699 pros in the bst:
  9. For sale nearly new 699 Pro 4u, 5i-PW, AW. Aerotech Steelfiber i95 Reg shafts , outstanding condition. Winn Dri-Tac midsize grips. Hit a few times on the range. $600 obo.
  10. I saw it earlier today. I just went back to buy it and it is now $399 - $100 off at checkout. Bummed.
  11. Has anyone found any great deals? Rapsodo MLM portable launch monitor for $324 is a pretty sick deal.
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