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  1. How does it feel without the stroke lab? Love the soft feel, but distance control was not great for me. Still soft-ish with a regular shaft?
  2. Distance control is my big concern as I have seen many complain about it...
  3. Trying to understand if people like or do not like their stroke lab putters. I have seen mixed reviews... Thanks.
  4. We literally don't know how it happened. The kid is on 5th set of clubs and nothing like this has ever happened. We think it may have been from putting another club in the bag but not sure.
  5. Used to recommend USKG, but from the thread I just posted, wouldn't recommend them anymore.
  6. My 13 year old is on 5th set of US Kids golf. Never had a problem before. We think this damage happened when his 6 iron was going back into bag. He is not a hot head , never slams clubs. 1) Will this affect playability? 2)should USKG replace (they have refused)? Would you replace with something else or just play until he is big enough for a new driver? Not happy with USKG service. Thanks!
  7. None. Getting some lessons, improving ball striking and consistency, and playing smart (aiming for middle of every green, avoiding trouble , no hero shots) has dramatically helped my game. Biggest thing is getting on track with lessons and spending time on the range with 7i-SW scoring clubs.
  8. Love my Inherited AF-703s - literally may never play another iron. Surprised not more Epon love on these forums. Best feeling gi iron imho.
  9. Legit question-how bad are the greenhead flies there? I have heard it can be unplayable?
  10. Seaview Bay was in horrible condition a few weeks ago. Many greens burnt out, poor condition of fairways, rough. Ballamoor was 100% better. Greens were impeccable which is all I am really looking for at public course.
  11. Jim Yenser at Club Champion in Bala Cynwyd (Philly)
  12. Philly Cricket- scores of low handicaps to play with, great jr options, awesome GAP teams, 45 holes
  13. Anyone played these courses recently? Seaview Bay was awful. Conditioning horrible.
  14. Avoid seaview at all costs
  15. Anyone love the CP2 wrap? Love these....
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