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  1. I have heard that Matt Goggin is a nice guy..... so with that being said. I am pretty sure that if Matt could see the way I am rolling it right now, that he would WANT me to have his putter.
  2. The Sanctuary Golf Club in Colorado. From what I know of it there are only two members.
  3. Ok here is MY favorite Mills (for now) I have 3 Mills right now. I know most of you have costome that are you favorites, but alas mine is just a Mizuno..... sorry. I have a Mizuno Workshop #2, a Spalinding #9, and my Favorite is my Mizuno #5,.... I am posting before and after pics of it. I just got it back from Kevin at putterplating.com and its AWSOME!!!! I have beet talking to David about making me a custome one, so stay tuned I may have a ne favorite.
  4. Maybe there was a news paper in there and he saw Phils results for the week.....
  5. Is there any truth to the rumor that David Mills won a lawsuit against Scotty Cameron?
  6. Any truth to the rumor that Mills just won a lawsuit against Cameron?
  7. Well personaly I think that it is a good thing that they set the price, it takes care of the small stores and "Green Grass" accounts, so that large retail store with huge buying power cant get a discout for buying in bulk then undersell everyone else. This is Pings way (Callaway is not as helpfull to the little guy as they make themselves out to be) of helping out the smaller accounts,... it actualy helps them KEEP business. I you were a small golf shop and knew that you could not afford to bring in Ping products and sell them for the same price as the big guys, why would you even carry Ping
  8. Is that like 12 or 13 wins for Nike players this year?..... does any company have MORE wins like that on the PGA tour?
  9. I have heard they look GREAT,..... I am playing golf with my Nike rep tomorrow, I will ask him if he knows when they will be out.
  10. Cool pic,....... I hope I will have my putter soon!!
  11. Well thats no fun........ I have never been good at waiting.....
  12. Are we going to have pics before the meeting in Denver?? or do we have to wait tell the reps get back?
  13. Props to ExtraStiff for bringing up the Arnies Army point (ya beat me too it) back in the day Arnie fans would DIVE to be hit by a ball and deflect it bak into the fairway,.... you may have had people lifting up small children like sheilds to deflect a ball. Does Tiger owe the guy more than a glove?....no. First of all when your at tourney you should be aware of the fact that some golf shots may not always find the fairway (would you be suprised if a puck came into the stands at a hockey game??),.... and also did anyone see the guy INFRON of the one who got hit? HE ducked,..... personaly if I
  14. No I dont work for a grip company. I am a Golf Pro.
  15. hitchheiken

    TP Mills

    I was at the TP Mills Studio last week, I met David Mills..... what a GREAT guy. I saw a couple of great looking putters. I dont think he gets enough credit for his work.
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