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  1. Tensei Raw White/Blue Hybrid Shafts HZRDUS RDX Hybrid Shaft Plus all of the standard iron shafts
  2. 60% of the time, PUREing works every time.
  3. Eh, that's just how girlfriends are; my girlfriend is the same way. But my wife on the other hand is way more understanding.
  4. Great point. I played with a guy a few times that played 'whip out'. Basically he paid up after every hole because he was notorious for not paying after the round.
  5. No one has even brought up the most important golf etiquette there is, pay your bets quickly. I don't want to run you down in the parking lot before you leave to get that money. Fast pay makes fast friends. Download Venmo, download CashApp, stop by your local C-store and get money before you come to the course. Whatever you gotta do. If someone gives you work, you gotta square up. Make peace with the fact you just caught the smoke. If your kid has to skip lunch a few days at school, so be it. Don't be triggered because your game is trash. Gotta take a loss to be a boss.
  6. He should just go ahead and shave it. Same thing for Queen Lebron. Steve Harvey had the tightest, best hairline in the biz, way better than Tiger or Lebron's. Steve shaved his bald and it worked for him.
  7. Something that gives the past champions at the dinner explosive diarrhea when they walk for the rest of the week; try and thin out my competition a little.
  8. Elon Musk says LiDAR is poo poo, but what does he know. I bet he doesn't even play golf!
  9. They could both pull out like Johnny Sins and it wouldn't change my viewing habits for the Masters.
  10. New hybrids coming in January. TS heads are limited and some inventory is completely out at Titleist.
  11. I wouldn't worry too much. Probably just a cover for another suspension like they've done with other injuries in the past.
  12. To each their own. If you have the driver yips, definitely leave it in the bag. So called "stats" do not account for the yips. My best tournament round of the year has been a mid-am qualifier that I decided to leave the driver in the car due to the yips.
  13. Steel face on fairways. Gotta save something for the next fairway update I guess.
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