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  1. It's really new steel, like a Spring Chicken. Only been out for a few months.
  2. I realize this thread is mainly concerned with the ball but if my memory serves me correct, Titleist has had more non-contracted equipment in different bags of the most recent major winners, which is way more impressive to me than the equipment that a player gets paid to play. It's like saying, "hey, if I wasn't getting paid, this is the best equipment I could play that's going to give me the most likely chance to win." Here's the list I can think of for OEM companies in the bag of the last 12 months worth of major winners outside of an equipment contract. 2021 Open Champion
  3. Truer words have never been spoken. Once it's time for a cosmetic surgery, just trade-in and get a younger set of irons.
  4. It looks like the ball and club data features are free. The premium app service is what requires a paid subscription. See attachment, maybe I'm reading it wrong. Garmin R10 Features.pdf
  5. That's right. I'm just waiting on the day that Trackman adds camera hardware equipment on the side to supplement the radar from behind or Foresight adds radar equipment from behind to supplement the GC Quad on the side.
  6. They usually go on sale the Fall before last two numbers in the model line. For example, the 921s went on sale in Fall of 2020. I guess we will see the 225s at retail in Fall of 2024, which seems about right considering the supply chain at the moment.
  7. Biggest scam in golf is the Hammer driver... there, I said it.
  8. He shouldn't have had his name stamped on the putter. That's going to kill the resale value on the BST.
  9. It's a light weight polymer to help them use the weight elsewhere in the head. Should be fairly durable. Definitely won't show bag chatter.
  10. T300 looks much better than the last model, but still tons of tech. T200 Lofts are as follows: 4i - 22º 5i - 25º 6i - 28º 7i - 31º 8i - 35º 9i - 39º Pw - 43º Gw - 48º
  11. It's interesting that they went 1º weaker in the long irons this year with the T200 (e.g. 2019 T200 4 iron @ 21º and 2021 T200 4 iron @ 22º). I guess they did it to better blend with the 100•S irons. Probably will sell a ton of combo sets with those two skus. I do like how they used the polymer in the back to help save more weight for the tungsten and max impact material inside. The support bar in the middle should also help create a solid feel as opposed to the 'click' from last T200 model, or other hollow body irons in general.
  12. Looks like the Garmin R10 is better than I expected. Here's my source. https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/695391
  13. https://valueguide.pga.com/library/227/putter/titleist/cameron-studio-design-15/
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