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  1. Oddly enough, my cousin putted with a knock-off putter very similar to this one. It had a white face insert, but the milling was similar, and so were the square alignment pockets on top. I would give him so much crap for putting with not even a fake putter but a clone putter of the Futura, one of the worst designs of all time. By gosh he made putts with it, and he was a great player with legitimate equipment throughout the bag, with the exception of this putter. One day we were paired with a kid who had a real Futura putter. I had to take the Pepsi challenge with the putters because at that time I had never putted with a real Futura much less my cousin's clone putter. Paint me green and call me a pickle if my cousin's clone putter didn't feel better than the real Futura. Even the kid who owned the real Futura agreed. Darnedest thing I've ever seen. I guess that's just how bad the OG Futura was.
  2. I bought a slightly used Ping G425 way back in the summer and ended up selling it recently for more than I bought it for. I guess Ping went up on their MAP pricing at retail, which had a trickle down reaction to used prices. I'm sure supply chain had something to do with it as well. I guess if you take into account inflation, I probably broke even. Buy the dip!
  3. It's an OG Futura knock-off. Value depends on how you putt with it. Other than that, it has no value with exception of scrap metal or use as a tomato stake for the garden. I'd give it a roll, you never know...
  4. As the kids would say these days "no cap" on the uncapped commissions
  5. Creek Club - Reynolds Lake Oconee It's known by locals as the handicap killer. If that is your home course, add 5 to 7 strokes to your cap when you travel.
  6. Most uncommon thing in my bag is actually on my bag. May sound strange but I keep my first dog's collar and dog tag hanging from my bag handle. I got him in college when he was just a few months old. We had a good 16 years together that flew by. The collar helps remind me of all the good memories whenever I want to break every club in my bag.
  7. Why is "buying a game" viewed so negatively? Money is just an intermediary between physical work and goods, services, or other things of value that one wishes to acquire. Money is not always a shortcut around physical work. Most people that have $5k had to work for it somehow. Sure, there is a small group who inherit it or earn it passively but the vast majority of people work for their money. Why is the physical work to earn $5k frowned upon but the physical work in the gym, on the range, and on the practice green praised? If a septic tank cleaner spends 50 hours a week cleaning up other people's crap, when he could be at the gym or at the range working on his game, who am I to criticize him when he saves up $5k from his crap job and he wants to use that $5k of crap cleaning funds to buy extra yards or more accuracy? Doesn't sound like he took a shortcut to me.
  8. They need to have a Players PR Team Impact Program. Tiger's PR team would have definitely won that one. His team posts one social media swing that has more impact everyone else the entire year. But let's be honest about what the PIP really is... it's appearance money under a different name.
  9. You've heard of an innie and an outtie? Well, I'm almost an outtie. Hoping the Stealth's red face changes that.
  10. I just usually ask if they fixed the mark for me instead wandering around.
  11. I don't even have to choke down at all to get 110 ball speed with the driver.
  12. I remember this time like it was yesterday. I went into the PGATSS on 2/7, picked up that war stick, gave it a good waggle with no mask on or beer bug in sight. Life was good. Little did I know that it was the end of a great era and that dark ages were fast approaching. *Sigh*
  13. It's true to some extent, the original Pro V1 seam did produce more distance. Here's an interview from one of the guys who worked at Titleist during that time that helped design the Pro V1. The USGA asked them to fix the seam issue going forward and in return the USGA would not consider the early batches of Pro V1s non-conforming. On a side note, I've heard from golf ball engineers at a major OEM that manufacture their own golf balls that the core only lasts 10 to 15 years and starts deteriorate after that time.
  14. Forget PGA golf. I hope Charlie gets to play the cocktail circuit as a tour mid-am for 40 years. He will get to play golf when and where he wants to without having to worry about missing cuts. His only worry will be if he packed enough cashmere for the trip. He will play the most amazing courses in perfect tournament conditions. He can focus on his step-up basis and playing the game for love rather than work.
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