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  1. 2021 Scotty Cameron Phantom 5.5 playing at 34.5” Gamed for 6 rounds. Headcover always used Neon Yellow paintfill removed from bottom with acetone and toothpick Scotty Cameron Matador Midsize Grip 10g Weights installed. 15g weights and weight tool included. Stock Headcover and Silver Headcover included Asking $sold or best offer. Price includes shipping and PayPal fees. Add $10 if shipping west of the Mississippi
  2. Only hit about 20 clean range balls Mizuno STZ 3W with Fujikura Ventus Blue 7x Velocore shaft Custom order from Mizuno Standard Length Tipped half an inch Mizuno Golf Pride TV 360 grip Headcover and Wrench included Sold OBO no trades Price includes shipping and PayPal fees Currently a wait time of 6 weeks on custom orders from Mizuno, but I’ll ship ASAP (often within an hour of receiving PayPal)
  3. My usual Tour 2.0. No counterweight for now
  4. Put a superstroke on my 5.5 and it came to like. The stock grip was ok, but really didin't enjoy the skinny profile with the large heel.
  5. 1. Hamilton, NJ 2. 4 3. Scotty Cameron Phantom 5.5 X (2021 model) 4. #17 5. Yes. Outdoors and I have an 8' x 11' putting green in my basement 6. Absolutely - complete with professional style pictures
  6. Feel is much more solid and less hollow sounding than the OG Phantom putters.
  7. Fun course and great bang of the buck, especially during peak summer times
  8. Yup, my favorite course down in that area
  9. Ha yeah. The neon on mine will be gone tomorrow once I bring mine home
  10. Scotty Cameron himself has said Hideki owns claim to the largest putter collection on tour
  11. 54 as it fits my gaps best (play my GW at 50) and it's the last club I use on full shots I go 50, 54, 60 If you really only use your SW from the sand then it's really whatever amount of loft makes it the most playable for you
  12. My shop just told me my 5.5 will be in on Monday
  13. So bizarre - sounds like he doesn't do anything in house and basically just coordinates things.
  14. It really is mine boggling - you would thing dropping so much coin to get a custom putter would mean you also get a customer service experience that reflects it. It really doesn't appear to be the case in the boutique putter world.
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