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  1. jlukes

    Evnroll Er2

    I got mine in late 2016. Just so consistent for me
  2. jlukes

    Evnroll Er2

    Really love my ER2. I keep trying other putters but always come back to my ER2.
  3. Standard length standard loft and lie preferred
  4. Absolutely love my D grind 60 Bunker club, rough around the green club and no problem hitting it from the fairway either. I remember watching somewhere where Vokey talked about measures bounce only being part of the equation and that grind, sole width and camber also play a very big role in wedge versatility. For those reasons, the D grind is much more versatile than the 12 degrees of bounce stamped on it would lead you to believe
  5. Got to see and waggle the M Craft IV and V today. The V is really nice looking but the blade length is EXTREMELY short. Couldn’t do a direct comparison but I’d guess it was shorter than the SpiderX The IV was just about perfect and it will likely be mine in the black finish.
  6. The real answer is anything other than a gift card or something specific you asked for
  7. I love just about everything about PING, but really do not like how they don't make any of their standard milled putters available to the average golfer. I do not want an insert and do not like the look of the look (copper paint) or sound/feel (aluminum, yuck) of the Heppler putters
  8. Trottie talked about this with Ian Fraser. it is how they did the top line and paint to make it look like the club is actually more open then it actually is. It helps tour players mentally block out the left side, and it helps amateurs who needs something more draw bias not have to stare down on a face that looks closed because they then subconsciously square the face at address, which negates the closed face design (specifically on the D type)
  9. Nope - the standard flat setting does not change the loft.
  10. Funny you mention it, I just hit both of these in the TSi3 head the other day. The honestly felt pretty darn similar. Gun to my head, I would actually say the AV Raw Blue FELT a bit more stout, while the IZ felt a bit smoother - but I probably felt that way because I tend to discern the feel of a shaft by how firm the butt feels and, to me, the AV Blue felt stiffer in the Butt section
  11. Ping G410 Tip Plays 45 inches Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus 4 grip Shaft and Grip aligned in small minus position Sold
  12. Mizuno M Craft is as good as anything else out there.
  13. Absolutely fantastic shaft. I have the 8x in my hybrid and 7x in my 3w. Like everyone above me has said: smooth but stable
  14. The original post which I responded to did not say the simulator was foresight
  15. Completely ignore those numbers until you can hit it on an actual launch monitor. Most bargain simulators are completely useless for providing actual ball data and are more for fun
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