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  1. If someone wants to take everything I’ll do the shaft and sensors for $250 shipped
  2. From Will Peoples Plays 45” in G410 drivers Tipped half an inch. G410 Adapter. Shaft and grip align in small minus position. Tour Velvet +4 Standard Grip $235 Or Best Offer. Prices includes shipping and PayPal fees Set of 14 Gen3 Arccos Sensors. Used for 2 weeks ( 13 clubs sensors + 1 putter sensor + 1 extra club sensor) $sold pin 9/26
  3. Depends how one interprets feel BB is softer in the butt but stiffer in the tip relative to the DI. BB has a mid kick point while DI is low. BB is lower torque than DI. All of these things can impact and golfers perceived feel of the shaft.
  4. Every once in awhile I have to finagle a wedge to get it all the way back in but most of the time it’s fine
  5. Just stumbled upon this old thread. So much amazing information in this thread. Thank you @Howard_Jones!
  6. I still ended up purchased it and love it. Works great on my Clic Gear and riding carts
  7. Nope no pass through. I emailed mizuno shortly after my post and they confirmed that it was removed from the 2020 version of the bag and they had simply forgot to remove the description from their website
  8. Built from Will Peoples Both have Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus4 Standard grips and Ping G410 adapters Nemesys 65x plays to 45” in Ping G410 driver. No tipping. Graphics and grip aligned in the small minus setting Vylyn 75x plays to 43” in Ping G410 3w. Tipped 1 inch. Graphics and grip aligned in the neutral setting Prices include shipping and PayPal fees: PRICE DROP Nemesys PRICE DROP Vylyn PRICE DROP Take both for $sold Pin 9/15
  9. Bit of a specific ask here, but thought I’d give it a shot.
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