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  1. Guys I have a group outing(16 guys) in mid Aug this yr. We are playing ON, BR and Payne's. We have Ozark Nat'l 2 times. Should we do BR 2 times instead? Is the wind brutal on top of ON? We have evening rounds scheduled for MT and TOR for drinks and bets... Thanks for any info. Also, we are staying at Angler's Lodge off property, should we go to dtown Branson for better scenery ? If so I appreciate any tips.....
  2. @Miker20890, why the sh*tty comments all around WRX about Quintero? I am headed there next week and so many say no bueno.... Also playing WeKoPa Saguro from your list.... Thanks Mike
  3. Payntr shoe update: One round in...I shot 35 on front 9! Was it the shoes? Anyway, one of my better ball striking rounds ever. Finished 76 and putted horribly. So that's good. Never once slipped or even thought about my footing..That's what a good shoe will do. Only issue is the insole is useless! I put in a 'superfeet' insole as I do with most all of my shoes as, let's face it, there is ZERO arch support in shoes anymore. So, Payntr folks, if you're analytics take you to this post; Great shoe but spend a few bucks on the insole or better yet, at
  4. Payntr shoes arrived. Insanely comfortable. I did get 1/2 size up and they seem perfect. I have not played yet but already a believer...
  5. Heading to play the following in a couple weeks, anything to know on course conditions, greens, restrictions etc?: Boulder South Quintero WeKoPa Saguro Greyhawk Raptor Thanks all
  6. ordered but found this.... Unboxing on Youtube
  7. Just Ordered. Will update. Design looks 'on point'
  8. Is this deal for 2020 version only? Would make sense
  9. I'll go with you guys next time...My guys are 14-25index If you play ON or BR let me know as well please.. Thanks much
  10. Have a group in Aug that I am setting up. Same issue....As a group we play 6500ish....
  11. bvan

    Geneva National?

    Grand Gevena and Brute in particular are stupid. Tricked out tracks with weird carries. We stopped going there because of the Par5s and layout. We luv'd Geneva National and Player is the best track there followed by Palmer then Trevino. We will not be going any time soon for stay and play as the rates have gone up 80% due to suppy/demand. Try Hawks View
  12. Great thread.... For what its worth, I went through this last yr. I was using 712 AP2 and was stuck at 9-10index. I got fit and liked the T100 the best. I tried Apex, Srix, Miz etc...Luckily I did not pull the trigger and the T100S was released. Obviously I was hoping the 2degree loft difference would add distance....It did. Of the clubs mentioned the T100S had the best camber and turf interaction for me. There are still 'stronger' clubs but the feel of them is amazing. Yes the clubs are smaller than some...This helps me actually. I am down to 7 and improving. I have it
  13. I don't mind the longer par3s but the guys i play with do. Also courses combat 'short' yardage appearances by making those long par3s(200+) and crazy long par4s(450+). Again, I don't mind them but the group I play with would struggle if a par5 was 475yds let alone a par4.... The card should have at least one hole circled as a drive-able 4 marked so you know where it is. And do not make it the first hole!
  14. I like the idea of a drive-able par4 for each round, even the PGA is doing it now. What are your thoughts here and at what distance is it fun for everyone? I'm thinking 240-260 to keep everyone interested.....
  15. I'm headed there in April. I was just told to play Troon North over Boulders...Thoughts?
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