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  1. Nippon .370 tip are discreet length shafts.
  2. Any news on new driving/utility irons being released soon? I have seen the Titleist U series. Just looking to see if anything else is available in the near future. Thanks
  3. I have both. I have a 58 original and a 64 2.0. The 2.0 leading edge sits closer to the ground and its easier to open up or stand up on the toe for chipping. The sole of the original seems more suited for the bunker/heavy rough to me. I really like both clubs and have no problem playing either of them. The offset of the 2.0 is a non factor. If you like versatility around the green, you can’t go wrong with them. The look is not for everyone, not an issue for me. I also have the 58 and 64 S grind MD 4’s and they are also superb if you like traditional wedges.
  4. Would love to win the Mevo to help improve my game. Thanks. Following on Twitter
  5. i200 U wedge bent to 52* DG 120X same as irons Stealth 58* ES sole, same shaft
  6. PING still offers the ZZ-65 Call the repair department and set up sending it back to them.
  7. Nippon makes a graphite shaft that matches each profile. Modus 130 would be equal to Nippon Regio Formula M wood shaft(red one)
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