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  1. Lol, I don’t know although I did have TGW message Ping a couple weeks ago to find out the status and TGW said that it was supposed to ship on August 5, so maybe Ping is getting caught up to some degree.
  2. Ordered a G425 Max driver with Tensei AV Raw Orange on June 10 and was delivered today, so 5 weeks and 4 days.
  3. For what it’s worth, I noticed today that both the black and regular P790’s are completely pulled from TGW and Golf Galaxy. The TI version only is still an option at GG.
  4. Ping G425 3 and 4 hybrids. Have never had any luck hitting Ping hybrids but once I had a club pro help me with my ball placement and address, theses things are automatic and maybe the easiest clubs I’ve ever hit consistently straight...
  5. I ordered mine with different shafts on March 23 and haven’t heard anything yet. Hoping to hear something next week.
  6. Ok, so I haven't been on here in a very long time, but I had to share this and see if this is what is happening with everyone else. I custom ordered a Titleist TSI 2 driver and received it to spec. There was no torque wrench included so no big deal, it must have been a mistake and I'll call them. I did and the customer service lady told me that the decision was made to not include a torque wrench with any purchased for the current run of new metal woods. Are you kidding me??? A $550 driver (not including tax) doesn't come with a torque wrench like it does with all of the other manufacturers??? I get that probably all fitters and even past purchasers of Titleist woods already have one, but come on Titleist. If this is true and what's happening to everyone purchasing a new Titleist driver for the first time, this may very well be the cheapest thing I've heard of that I can remember.
  7. Ping G400 Max with 44.5 " TFC Tour 65 shaft. Not the longest (still close though) I've ever hit, but definitely a fairway finder.
  8. [url="http://www.rockbottomgolf.com/taylor-made-golf-rocketbladez-hl-irons.html"]http://www.rockbottomgolf.com/taylor-made-golf-rocketbladez-hl-irons.html[/url] Thanks Rock Bottom Golf!
  9. I'm guessing because forged irons are more expensive to make and most of the golfers super game improvement irons are aimed at aren't willing to put down that kind of cash, although I have no idea if that's entirely accurate. The one set that comes to mind though is the Callaway Razr XF. A buddy of mine has a set of these and although they're at least partially forged, they're not as soft as a Mizuno MP iron but they do feel great and are super easy to hit. Fantastic irons but came with a premium price and not sure if they're still available.
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone. On a different note, does anyone have any time with the Big Bertha (non-Alpha) and an initial review that they could share, positive or negative? I know it just came out today, but there seems to be a lot of lucky people out there that somehow get these before everyone else.
  11. [quote name='nova6868' timestamp='1392399958' post='8668005'] You realize they only used 6 testers...? Also, BB had limited options available for testers. I think SLDR and G25 both had 2-3 lofts available. And besides, the only real standout distance wise was the SLDR. And I admit that knowing I don't even like the SLDR. [/quote] I didn't know they only used 6 testers, that does make a difference.
  12. [quote name='swizbeatz' timestamp='1392396937' post='8667681'] I just pulled a shaft from last years gamer and put a g25 tip on it effectively committing to playing it at least for the start of the year. First ping driver since the old tisi or whatever it was called ~13 years ago. I keep reading about high MOI and I saw that on the course in the fall, I also am a low spin player so most of these new drivers won't work great for me. Its a legit driver, its not the absolute longest but its a great combo of length and accuracy. I hit the 3 wood against the I25 3 wood on trackman and the G will be in the bag as well as soon as I find one. How is the testing going for the jetspeed? If I had to play a TM wood this year the jetspeed would be it, I really liked the 3 wood when I hit it. [/quote] I answered a pm on the Jetspeed driver earlier and here's the short version: Winter has been rough here in Oklahoma, so this is just based on several times hitting it compared to my RBZ Stage 2 (which I love). From what little I have to go by, the Jetspeed is just as long but not as forgiving as the RBZ Stage 2. Sound and feel are typical TaylorMade, not the best but not the worst. Definitely lower spin, so for us mere mortals who don't have 110 mph swing speeds, the RBZ Stage 2 might be the better option. This is based on stock shafts cut down to 45" so obviously what I've said has no merit if you were to get properly fit. I can see how the Jetspeed could be very good for another individual (definitely one to test) but I'm either staying with the RBZ Stage 2 or trying one of this year's models from a different manufacturer. Having grown up playing mostly Callaway drivers, I'm very confused as to how it could rank so low in one website's reviews while being at the top of 2 others. Even with ad revenue playing a part in the "2 others", I just can't imagine that they would fudge the results that much for an underperforming driver from an ad customer. Maybe I'm being naïve and they would.
  13. [quote name='swizbeatz' timestamp='1392389725' post='8666641'] My thoughts are ad dollars play a huge effect and that everyone needs to hit them for themselves to see what's BS and what's not. This year surprisingly the SLDR is legit and the BB is not. Sucks for the TM haters, I'd generally say I'm a part of that group too lol. Only my opinion of course. [/quote] Thanks for the reply. I know ad dollars can influence one's ability to be unbiased, but I can't imagine it would to this degree (maybe so). The Big Bertha was almost dead last in both accuracy and distance, which I just can't fathom based on my past experience with Callaway drivers. Either way, guess I'm going to give the G25 a shot this spring. Even though 90% of my equipment is Ping, I think I'm the only guy in the world who's never gotten along with Ping drivers.
  14. Hey everyone, just got through reading a certain golf website's driver reviews and have to say that there are some really unexpected rankings. No surprise that the SLDR or G25 did so well, but am I the only one who was shocked that the new Big Bertha and Big Bertha Alpha weren't among the elite? How exactly can those two drivers be the among the top choices in two other publications (Golf Digest and Golf.com) and be on the other end of the spectrum in another? I'm fully aware of the advantage (real or not real) advertising dollars play in these types of reviews, but even so, can it really be that far off even if ad dollars are in the equation? Just curious about everyone's thoughts on this. Thanks for all replies.
  15. [quote name='14max' timestamp='1388939149' post='8402335'] Classics from when I started playing include: Drivers - Callaway Great Big Bertha; Titleist 975D Fairway Woods - Callaway Big Bertha Warbird/Steelhead; TaylorMade Burner Irons - PING EYE2/EYE2+; Titleist 962; Tommy Armour 845 Silver Scot Wedges - PING EYE2; Cleveland 588 Putter - PING Anser; Titleist/S.C. Teryllium Newport [/quote] Couldn't have said it better.
  16. 74 Callaway FT-3 driver Cobra 3 and 5 woods (don't remember model) Callaway X-18 Pro Series irons Vokey wedges Original Odyssey 2-ball blade putter ***Also had a hole-in-one and a double eagle with this setup
  17. Yes, they are that good. Played with the G20s before these (which were also very good), but just desired a slightly less clunky look. Before the G20s, I played mostly semi-players type cavity backs (JPX 800 Pro, Mizuno MX-300, Callaway X-16 Pro Series). I can honestly say (even on this site) that I just can't see changing to anything else for a long time. You know how you can remember your best shots ever with each iron? I've been playing this game for over 30 years and out of the 7 G25 irons I carry, 4 of my best shots ever were with these clubs. I hit a 9-iron the other day from 138 out that landed and spun back to within a couple feet of the hole. Looked at the club to see where I hit it and it was way in towards the heel. Terrible contact but outstanding result. There really isn't any bad equipment out these days, but the G25s have to be at the top.
  18. Ping G25, 913 D2, Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 and Jetspeed, Callaway XHot, and so on. There's so much good equipment out that it's going to be difficult for you know what's best for you without hitting them. I firmly believe the most forgiving driver is the one you walk up to the tee box with 100% confidence it's going down the middle. I do agree with the others that 45" is plenty long for a driver.
  19. Taking a brand new putter with me on a week-long golf trip to Pinehurst. Had a playing partner tell me that I could be on the green in 2 and he in 4 and he felt like he still had a chance to tie.
  20. I wanted to play the S55's more than anyone, I really did. Thought they were absolutely the nicest looking iron I've ever seen. However, I just don't have them time necessary to be proficient with them so I stayed with the G-series. Even though my G25's don't look like as nice as the S55's, they're still PINGs and they make me look a lot better than I really am. I have no regrets playing them.
  21. I'd love to surprise my father on Christmas with a set of these. We've both played Mizuno irons for years, but his game just isn't what it used to be and I think he'd love these. Thanks!
  22. I custom ordered the 52 and 58 Gorge (not exactly what you where asking for) on October 25 and received them within 2 weeks. Can't imagine any Ping products being on backorder this time of the year, but maybe so. I've had nothing but fantastic customer service from Ping, I'll bet you have an answer from them very soon.
  23. [quote name='J13' timestamp='1384206408' post='8133192'] Are these the matching woods for Speedbladez? Or is there Jetspeed irons? Also some of the driver pics look different is one of "tp" version or are my eyes playing tricks on me? [/quote] I thought the same thing about one of the driver pics looking like a tour version (ex: stage 2 vs stage 2 tour). Call me crazy, but I actually like the looks of these. Crown graphics I could do without but they're not going stop me from trying them. Learned that from the XHot; nothing pretty about it (imo) but it performs. I've never understood why so many here get so worked up over what color something is or who makes what or how many releases they have. Who freakin cares, it's golf. If you don't like it, don't buy it. I'm all about being passionate or opinionated over real issues, but geez, pick something that really matters.
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