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  1. [quote name='TheMackDaddy' timestamp='1338856684' post='5030970'] No the driver is beast and here to stay! [/quote] It's pretty funny to see you be unhappy with your drive distance but be perfectly happy with a 7.5* driver head. I would say, just give a fitting a shot, you don't necessarily have to change.
  2. I ordered a very basic set of iliac covers D-3-X in early November for Christmas. They arrived a week ago. Great quality but very disappointing service.
  3. They are still out there but they are expensive and therefore less used. Go to Japan and you'll see the "good old days" you are referring to. Also, those bags are typically heavy and many people walk.
  4. order them from the manufacturer with your desired specs.
  5. Bettinardis are usually extremely soft and sound great. I can't speak much about the Yamadas, but it's pretty hard to find a putter softer than a Bettinardi.
  6. Boxcar vs. HMM vs. Standard MalletI was just wondering what your opinions are on the mallet offerings from Bettinardi. What looks the best, and how they act on the course? TIA Here is a boxcar: Here is a HMM (half moon mallet): And here is a standard mallet:
  7. [quote name='sidestick' timestamp='1327997267' post='4183511'] PM sent about the BB 52 Long putter! [/quote] PM replied to, the long putter is pending.
  8. I'm not an expert, but a lot of the guys will need more pics to see if it is truly fake.
  9. [quote name='HITMANACTUAL' timestamp='1327890285' post='4175849'] wow i thought the putter head cover was a pillow at first glance! i was about to do some not approved by the boss redecorating! [/quote] Yeah, I zoomed in quite a bit. Sorry to get your hopes up.
  10. That was fast. The BB25 is sold and off to Indiana. Keep it rolling folks.
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