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  1. Hope this is a sign of things to come. Happy for him.
  2. This was on Korn Ferry Tour Monday qualifier but... https://www.jacksonville.com/story/sports/golf/2021/06/14/korn-ferry-monday-qualifier-erupts-fisticuffs-between-two-players/7696513002/ If they can turn on each other, I say they can turn on anyone.
  3. Ruined a great round of golf down in Alabama when a group of rednecks who were a group ahead of us started blasting hardcore gangster rap. A call to the clubhouse put a stop to that garbage.
  4. It's a pretty sad state of affair that it's come down to this. I think we're getting dangerously close to having a Ron Artest-like debacle at an event. I hope they follow through on their warning and make examples of people who just can't control themselves. We need civility and decorum on the courses.
  5. Please, please, please kick these people out. Between these idiots shouting after every swing and Azinger, it's unbearable to watch.
  6. I wonder if the execs @ NBC are regretting their decision to bring him on. Was he #1 on their list? Wonder who turned them down that we got stuck with him.
  7. I agree. They should know better. I liken it to driving. There are drivers that are just clueless because they're new to driving or don't drive often(like golfers who don't play regularly). If you drive for a living, you should know the rules and etiquette of the road cold and kindly vacate the passing lane instead of clogging it up creating traffic(just one example). The stakes are very high at the pro level, I get it. But you're taking time and rhythm away from your fellow competitors especially if you get put on the clock. Bryson has other aspects to his personality that I can't appreciate as a fan. He's still living the dream. I hope he gets called out from other players like he called out Cantlay yesterday.
  8. this reminds me of the exchange Bubba had with Steve Elkington. all talk no follow through.
  9. wow, i thought it was game over.
  10. if everyone called out Bryson for his transgressions... smfh
  11. USGA should really focus more on "security". Remember the koo koo bird guy that stole Web Simpson's thunder? I bet he bought one of those stolen tickets.
  12. USGA? I get a kick out of the yearly county am tournament. Gonna try to branch out next year. The thrill of competition is second to none. However, it was lessened somewhat by a slow player in my some. It was a hot day and towards the end, I just wanted to die.
  13. I'm happy for Ancer. I feel for Harris.
  14. I'm far from scratch. I play Ping Rapture V2 Hybrid 17 degrees. Was a hand me down from a friend. Love this thing. edit: huh! it looks like my putter is just past 10 years old too. bought it brand new for $100. best purchase ever. There should be a thread for Single Best Purchase EVER!
  15. jqsmooth

    Louie O

    Man, he is just on a tear. It's so easy to root for this guy.
  16. i guess it really is about who they know as opposed to what they know.
  17. I hate it when people use the term "engineer" loosely. Same goes for "scientist". Calling BD a scientist is a slap in the face to the real scientists of this world.
  18. jqsmooth

    Louie O

    hope he gets it done Sunday.
  19. Here's my takeaway of my experiment. The bag felt so light that I hardly noticed I was carrying even in the miserable heat. Had one of the better rounds of the year score-wise(I honestly don't know if it was the experiment or the company). Had to think on a few shots but made other decisions easier because I just used the next best club and it worked out. The kicker is I met a 66 year old who played from the tips(6800) with me and whipped my a**. Got schooled.
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