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  1. My thoughts exactly when comparing it to the Maxfli Tour I play (85 compression also). Bring the price down and I’d consider it.
  2. Yes, Stock GP Tour Velvet 360. Not my preference but ordered it thinking it would speed up delivery.
  3. Received the remainder of my order today, 2 days over quoted 10 wk delivery time. Received the gap wedge a while back about a week after I notified them to change the specs on it. Received the remainder of the order within 2 weeks after I inquired about estimated delivery. (Was told at this time mid Feb. delivery) If it helps here are specs T100S 5-Gw AMT Black s300 Stock GP grip 3 wraps 1/4” short 2* flat Might be just a coincidence but I received clubs fairly soon after contacting Titleist each time or things might be loosening up a bit. Good luck to all who are still waiting. Also no notification, they just showed up. Titleist site still has my order listed as “ Being Processed”
  4. 2021 T100S 5-Gw on order Had the 48* stock gap wedge bent to 49* which adds a little bounce, then play a 54* and 58*.
  5. Played the first version of the FG Tour ball (75 compression) it was a great ball. It would be nice if Wilson did in fact add to their ball line up with a similar ball. Staff Model S(soft) anyone?
  6. Same situation here in the Upper Peninsula, sold last years set also. Guess I’ll break out the old CMB’s to hit in the sim until mine arrive. It’s 14F here this morning.
  7. Directly from Titleist Thank you for the inquiry about your order! We are awaiting the scheduled arrival of the T100s heads on 1.31. With roughly 10-12 business days to get through production once the component arrives, we are looking at a mid February ship date. We will see if this holds true, I did receive the reply right away. Ordered Nov. 7th AMT Black s300 Stock grip
  8. Have always preferred this headshape also with a short slant neck, have had my current putter in my bag for some time. Cleveland Huntington Beach #3 was nice but didn’t care for that style slant neck.
  9. Looks like it, they were not this past summer. Just happen to check on their site and there they were. Already 8 weeks in on waiting for my T100S order, wish I had looked over there sooner. Looks like in stock with limited shaft options.
  10. Almost pulled the trigger on these today https://www.cobragolf.com/king-forged-irons-custom
  11. Have had the T100S on order since Nov.7th, but once the 2022 Cobra line is released and can get a look at them they may be my first purchase of the year. Have also been wanting to replace my 11 yr old putter but that’s a tough one the short game has been the strongest part of my game the last few years.
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