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  1. 2005 ADAMS GOLF REDLINE RPM 430Q DRIVER Manufacturer's Description The Adams Redline RPM 430Q driver features a 430 cc size titanium head with four movable weights. The club head is designed for the player that has high launch or high spin rates. The four movable weights allow customization for 6 ball flight options – draw super or soft, neutral high or low, fade super or soft. The four movable weights include two 2-gram and two 10-gram weights. The high performance RPM drivers are designed for maximum performance and forgiveness. The RPM woods, feature state-of-the-art
  2. Big Maxfli fan back in the 1990’s and have played a few models since, last was the U4. Being a 2 year old model, seems worth the price to give them a try. https://www.golfworks.com/maxfli-u-fli-soft-golf-balls/p/mxb0015/
  3. Adams a12 Pro irons, when Adams was hitting their stride. edit: may as well toss the CMB’s in there also
  4. The Crossline Plus is indeed made of similar materials as the Crossline Ace 3Gen (grey,red cap). To me feel exactly the same other than the reduced taper. Played the original Crossline for years, loved the Crossline Ace 3 Gens and played them in both standard and midsize, the Crossline Plus with its reduced taper feels great. Very nice grip.
  5. Recoils in the bag. Liked the Steelfibers 95i but prefer the feel and weight of the Recoil 110 F4.
  6. Yes same My-Fly adapter with different markings. Neutral setting on the Fly Z+ is 10*, that’s your staring point. Depending on which Speedzone head you buy 10* marking on the adapter would be the neutral setting for that head. To play the 10.5 Speedzone at its neutral setting of 10.5 your adapter setting with the shaft would be 10* Sounds confusing but is very easy once you realize what the neutral setting and loft is for both the adapter and head.
  7. After hitting the Speedzone inside for the first time today for about an hour and a half, this ^ was my final impressions also. Sound/ feel better with the F9 but for me the Speedzone gets the big edge over the F9 on forgiveness and dispersion.
  8. Still swinging these baby’s. Started playing these in 2016, currently on my second set with Recoils, first had KBS Tours installed. I still look at and test others but for some reason beyond explanation I’ve stuck with these sticks. Love-um, picture of them when they were still in wrapper.
  9. F9 all season, (6g front) (18g back) play it at 45”
  10. > @jjmurry said: > For those with the F9 driver with different combinations of the weights (i.e. not the stock 14g and 2g set up), do you feel like you gain both increased accuracy and speed, one or the other or just better overall feeling? I've got the F9 and it's the longest driver I've ever hit but could use a little more accuracy... is going 14g 14g the move? While 4 grams of extra weight up front doesn’t seem like much, I’ve had better control with the 6g (f) and 14g (b) combo. Flight, distance and feel almost identical just more consistent with the 6-14 setup.
  11. Correct. The F8+ will play at 9.5* in the neutral/standard setting. The F9 adapter will take the guess work out and simplify things being that has +/- settings up to 1.5* either side of neutral loft.
  12. > @leftycabe said: > As much as I loved the feel and the forgiveness of the F9 driver, I didn’t see any huge improvements from my gamer. That’s why you’ll find mine in the lefty BST with an extra weight included. Solid club, but I feel the constraints on club manufacturers has essentially made the driver world more of a beauty contest than an innovation race. My opinion, this is an awesome club but there are many awesome clubs out there. Agree, for me it’s about how the club sits behind the ball and comfort. I haven’t found that feel since the old Adams LS drivers weather it be the
  13. Cobra F7, my best hybrid since the Adams days.
  14. To add to my previous comment. Once I got rid of the Cobra Connect Arccos grip and added a standard grip (1extra wrap) there was a decent jump for me in performance, not huge but noticeable. That standard size grip weighed out at 62g with the sensor.
  15. Extra weights came in late last week, playing at 45” D3. Best results so far is 6g forward and 14g back. The thing just wants to go straight with the occasional baby draw.
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