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  1. A boy on my high school team has s400 shafts in his irons. They need to be redone as a few of them are coming apart. He doesn’t need/nor should have that strong of flex in his irons. I’m looking for 4-PW R300 or 5.0s or something else similar to buy for him. I am going to do the work myself. .355 taper. Thanks, Chris
  2. 1st pic is right before impact. 2nd is obviously right after impact. That shot was a high draw.
  3. I decided to get a mallet. Saw this and now it is on the way to me. Does anyone know any info on it: Headweight, year it was made? The guy said it belonged to go Luke Donald.
  4. It was blowing 25+ on a fairly short, but hard course. Of the 15 scores entered that day, 12 of us were substantially over our handicaps. chris
  5. What’s the highest PCC adjustment you’ve seen? We had a +3 chris
  6. Beautiful putter. Mine isn’t in near as good of shape.
  7. ManBearPig98

    Any info?

    I’m seeing if anybody has any info on this putter. I see some for sale on eBay occasionally, but they always have a serial number. I torched it myself, not concerned of the value, just seeing if anyone knows why it doesn’t have a serial number.
  8. I am bored and thought I would share these. Tad makes some great putters. I have a Tour Classic in my Arizona bag.
  9. My brother and I were bored and had some stainless steel laying around Before: After:
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