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  1. thanks - me too. i did some work for an hour and 50 people wanted everything. sorry if i haven't responded to anyone.
  2. the miura sold. i did have a nice shaft in it, but pulled it to stick it into a 4 iron that's part of the set i'm using (miura CB 1008). having said that, i did like it a lot, but, found that the ball turned over a little more than i wanted because it had some offset on it. if you can find one and play around with it, definitely try it. i'm sure i'll regret it next season and will be looking for it.
  3. Hello - finally forcing myself to get rid of bunch of stuff just sitting around. message me if you want more pics or info. Updated for what's sold. can't believe the putter & shaft sold before my prized shinny putter cover or the oakmont cover. crazy people..... 1) SkyTrak i purchased in early 2019 i think. maybe used it 10x. just don't have time to use it with a 3yr old and 1 yr old. Perfectly clean and comes with charger. i have it hooked up to my ipad taht i sync to a big screen and it's pretty cool. SOLD. (way underpriced) 2) Tour AD VR-6 (stiff) w/ TM adaptor. Built by Will Peoples when i bought my M5. Measure 43.75 from end of grip to tip. i believe that's 1/2 short of stock taylor made. Smooth, nice ball flight. SOLD 3) cameron and crown 33 inch scotty cameron. Similar to what JT uses. SOLD 4) Shinnecock putter cover by Iliac. One of my prized collectibles, but i use a mallet putter so just sits here. i think it's in good shape for something i got like 6 years ago, but message me for better pics if interest. $85 5) Oakmont cover: magnetic closure. again, message me. it's white so i can see some more blemishes. i'd rather be upfront. $70 6) Olympic cover: magnetic closure. again, message me. it's white so i can see some more blemishes. i'd rather be upfront. $55 7) miura driving iron ICL 601 23 degree head only. sticking with my hybrid. SOLD 8 ) pine valley towel - never used. cool collectible but has been sitting here and i'm scared to use it. $75 9) pair of pine valley hats: imperial XL fit. never worn. $80 for the pair 10) hudson national hat - imperial XL fit. never worn. $40
  4. Question please: what flex are the shafts in the mb 001? Stiff? thank you
  5. sorry, figured out i can't sell balls in bulk so re-listing to break them out. moving homes and could use both the cash and the clean-up. 1) Cameron & crown. pics say it all. excellent. like all C&C, it's 33". incl. cover. $275 2) Tour AD DJ-6s with Taylor made tip. I don't believe it's been tipped or extended, but purchased on wrx so not original owner. as you can tell, looks almost new. 44" tip to butt. have this in my driver and 3w. love it - won't need back up anymore. thinking of new driver. $OLD 3) Bushnell GPS watch. $250 new. received at outing. $OLD 4) dozen Prov current gen (i believe). $OLD 5) dozen w/ Katten logo $OLD 6) dozen golf magazine $25 7) TM Tour Preferred X $30 8&9) 2 sleeves of current gen w/ Cantor Fitzgerald logo $OLD 10) 1 sleeve current gen w/ New York Relief logo $OLD If someone buys #4-10, i will throw in additional 3 sleeves of prov's for good measure. 1 with current gen with CCVC Invitational logo and 2 with gray line arrow w/ CROWN logo on .
  6. Cleaning up some loose ends and have a bunch of quality stuff to sell. moving houses so need to clean up and could use the cash. 1) Group of Prov1's of different generation. Pics show everything. Some have logo. 1 dozen no logo (current gen), 1 dozen w/ Katten logo, 1 dozen w/ Golf Mag logo (very old generation), 1 dozen no logo TM Tour Preferred X, 1 dozen current gen w/ assorted logo like Cantor Fitzgerald, New York Relief, and CVCC Invitational + 3 loose sleeves of balls w/ Crown logo or Securian logo. 69 balls for $175 2) received bushnell excel watch at outing. Believe $250 new. will sell for $150. never used. 3) Tour AD DJ-6s. have these in my driver and 3w and this is a back-up. very smooth, launches one hair higher DI-6S, and i love it, but will probably get a new driver before i need this again. $115. 4) Cameron & Crown putter. pics say it all. as mint as a used putter can be. $275 5) random cameron accessories from Club Cameron. all new and never out of plastic. you get everything you see for $50. (if someone wants these + putter, you can have combined $300)
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