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  1. Wedges sold pending funds. Only Irons and Bag left. Prices lowered on both.
  2. 1. First is a set of Ping Blueprint irons 4-W. These have project X 6.5 shafts (no labels) and Larkin cross line Midsize grips. Nice clubs. I purchased them used. I was told they were blue dots but they are black and were adjusted 1* upright. They are 1/2” longer than std. These show some wear, but nothing more than expected for a set of forged blades. Some dings/chatter on the back and soles. Wear on the face, but plenty of life left in them! The wedge has the most wear and it’s mostly towards the toe. $750 shipped OBO 2. Ping Glide forged wedge set 50, 56 (bent to 55) a
  3. Thanks man! They really are pretty sweet setups! I just don’t have time to play them.
  4. I am selling it all. starting with woods. 1. Ping 425 LST 9* with Ventus Black 6x. This plays right at 44.75” to the tip of the grip. It’s in very good shape. I have played a few rounds with it. Minor wear on face. Clean top line. I really like it, I just don’t have time for golf so instead of these sitting around I’m selling. Comes with headcover. $SOLD 2. Ping 410 3W 14.5* With Ventus blue 8X. This plays right at 43” to the tip of the grip. It’s in good used shape. The head shows some wear on the bottom and typical wear on a black face. Clean top lin
  5. One more putter from me today. this one is a Scotty Cameron Special select flowback 5.5. Beautiful putter in nearly new condition. It comes with a stability shaft And Cameron stock grip/headcover. it measures 35 1/4” to the very end of the grip. $325 Or feel free to make me an offer
  6. I purchased this putter on here a couple of weeks ago from 5thavenue. The putter head doesn’t have any circle T stamping on it but the shaft band and headcover are circle T. this is a nice putter in good overall shape. There is a nick/ding on the heel and some minor wear on the putter as expected for this age. The top line is pretty clean, some small wear that’s not visible to me at least at address. this comes with a Scotty dual balance 50G grip. It’s playing length is right at 37”. I played 1 round with it today and will stick with my TEI Newport. looki
  7. Third page time for last price drop! $450 if you are interested feel free to throw an offer my way. Worst I can say is no.
  8. Probably terrible but I don’t know. I purchased this from member cantjumphighhandicap and he didn’t specify. I don’t have a scale or any way of knowing really.
  9. I am listing this very nice Byron. I purchased this about a month ago on here. Unfortunately I just don’t get along with the sight dot on the top and prefer a sight line. 35” standard loft and length to the best of my knowledge. This has a weld neck, sound slot and hand milled face. Comes with the Tuna headcover and has a Sergio Garcia super stroke grip. very nice putter, feels and looks great at address. I just can’t deal with the sight dot. Listing for $450 OBO
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