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  1. I felt the same way. So I knew I had to feel like the ball started on the face of my putter and I would just take it back and bring it through, imagining and feeling like the ball was always connected to the face of my putter, and then just release the ball from my putter on it's way to the hole. Two drills: One is to putt straight from address, never taking the putter back, feels like you are pushing the ball to the hole. Focus on the release of the putter head. The other is to glue a magnet to a golf ball and attach the magnet to the face of the putter. Make several practice
  2. "Instinct putting" changed my putting forever. And made me a better putter. There is science behind the idea of looking at the hole, but more importantly it freed my mind and allowed me to trust that I can get the ball to the hole with the proper speed. Practically eliminated my three putts. It's different, you'll definitely get some ribbing from your buddies and others, but it has worked for me for at least the last ten years and I don't plan on changing. But, as Sloloman1 has said: It won't work for the rest of you, so forget about it.
  3. ^^^This. If you're playing for money, you better know something about your opponent and the kind of game they have rather than putting your trust in a handicapping "honor system".
  4. Yep. So many rules where "intent" is applied. Why not here?
  5. I was taught proper etiquette on conceded putts is to scoop it up, no questions asked. It's your opponents prerogative if they want to be a ****** or not. If you still want to practice a putt after the hole is finished, drop your ball in a slightly different spot on the green so that there's no "would've made it/missed it" conversation.
  6. There is a maximum capacity limit for number of groups on the golf course at one time and the golf course should know what this limit is. Squeezing groups in, although financially lucrative, can have a negative impact over time. If a restaurant "squeezes" in extra groups and this changes reserved meal times made by others, they won't be taking reservations very long. A reservation is a mutual commitment made by both parties and every attempt should be made by both parties to honor said commitment.
  7. You lost me at "Amazes me TV"...
  8. Nothing to be sorry about. Phil giving smack to overly served obnoxious American fans wouldn't be the same now would it.
  9. Yes, obnoxious overly served euros. That wasn't an either/or statement. And just to be clear, I have no problem with obnoxious overly served euros at a Ryder Cup event.
  10. It seems like the U.S. is dominant on paper but always the underdog when they show up at the course (3-7 in the last 10 matches). As for Phil, no way you can leave the current PGA Champion off the team. Treat him like a playing Captain. Have him play one team match with his favorite player and then send him out first for the singles matches on the last day to lead the charge. Rest of the time he's in the cart giving smack to everyone, especially the obnoxious overly served euros. It would be a fine send off for Phil and a ceremonial "passing of the baton" as a future
  11. If the skins game was happening within the particular group that teed off together, than I could see your point. However, a skins game that all teams pay in to is a different story. The rest of the field needs to be protected, and we don't know if all of the "other" holes were played correctly, so if a team gets disqualified from the tournament for breaking the rules, the only way to protect the field in the skins game is to also disqualify them from the skins game associated with the tournament.
  12. Completely understand and support still being eligible for skins on the holes one has already played if needing to voluntarily withdraw from a tournament, but once an individual or team is DQ'd for breaking the rules, it would seem quite appropriate that any other rewards for on course play associated with said tournament would be null and void. It's not like penalty strokes were added at the time of the infraction, they were DQ'd from the tournament as they did not correct the mistake. Essentially a DQ means you are ineligible so anything you did during the tournament no longer counts. Lik
  13. I don't know, seems like the world could use a good streak every now and again.
  14. I know. Where has society gone wrong? It wasn't that long ago we used to get things like this at an event: (her patriotism is to be commended)
  15. Lol Mr. Blade. When someone dies from a golf ball at a PGA Tour event, the lawyers will force them to change the viewing policies. However, I couldn't find any deaths at a PGA Tour event related to contact from a golf ball in at least the last thirty years, so I doubt the Tour is all that concerned about it being "a matter of time". I must say though, the idea that a golf tournament is dangerous and death from the ball is possible for a fan strikes me as humorous hyperbole. Nascar is still letting fans get close to this:
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