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  1. Might be my first time seeing "DS" used on a golf site like this haha. Nice shoes.
  2. > @premeyer said: > > > > > > @rjcejka said: > > > > > morning / twilight > > > > > > > > My course has a Practice membership. $50/month, unlimited range balls. Golf with cart and a beer costs $6.50 after 4pm. Free golf after 6pm. It’s awesome. > > > > > > WHERE!?!?! That sounds like heaven > > > > Mckinney, TX. Suburb of Dallas. Huge grass driving range. Always busy. My only complaint is that the course is too easy. > $50 a month for unlimited practice... i don't care if they even have a course at that point. That's incredible. Up here in New York its $15 for a bucket of 150 balls with no grass ranges around unless you are a member of a Country Club. Saratoga area here... The driving range 3 minutes from my house with grass hitting area just shut down this year... I really hope someone buys it and revamps. Devastating to my game.
  3. They put a new NDMC on my RFE last month. Everything looking good.
  4. Just looks like the DI was installed with graphics down... Nothing out of the ordinary there. He probably should have taken a pic of the other side thoguh.
  5. Since this post is redundant, I'm going to ask an off topic question that still relates to "proper value" of items being sold. How do you price some items that don't really have a precedent set? For instance I have an RBZ Tour 9* with an R11 TP shaft in it ('ahina 60 stiff) and brand new NDMC ... No idea what price I should ask for it. Tried to research ebay but nothing really matched. How do you usually "know" what that should be going for?
  6. [quote name='rjp322' timestamp='1406081138' post='9763421'] My local dicks pro did not get laid off Edit: So I thought anyway lol. I texted him and he indeed get laid off. Said he was completely blindsided by the move [/quote] http://www.golfwrx.com/233297/dicks-fires-more-than-500-pga-pros/?utm_source=Newsletter+7%2F23%2F14&utm_campaign=11-11&utm_medium=email
  7. I forgot to record it... Gonna have to check when its on next.
  8. BW's came to my house yesterday... 25 of those suckers for 12.50 is a steal. I have NDMC's on my sticks but I'll likely offer to grip some clubs for friends for a buck a piece, whatever covers the tape/solvent/grip.
  9. This is a beautiful thing. 25 for $12 bucks shipped? I'm in. Thanks
  10. I know... I was telling myself that I'd just pass this deal on to those in need other than myself. I already have Adipure Z's that are in great shape... But... They're... They're brown, and I wanted black.
  11. Is the Speeder 57 a "made for" shaft? Probably, right?
  12. Oh god... Whats the story on the shaft they have in it?
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