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  1. Yep, as a staffer here it’s got me in blades or nothing else. That’s fine, I get how limited these are but it’s very interesting to me this year there’s really no equivalent to the “one step above MB” players category we see so many tour guys in, like p750, or my favorite iron I play now, JPX 921 tour. They’ve moved the retail lines considerably bigger and more focused on players-distance. The hollow Apex Tours are like rocket launchers, too hot for a lot of people, I do not need a 6 iron going 210. And I thought the X-forged CB fit into this and wow was I wrong when I saw them in person. They
  2. Hey there, like us all, tried an experiment here and I just didn’t like it all that much. I have a G425 LST 9° with stock Alta CB Slate 55-S (a surprisingly awesome shaft) that all I did to it was put a Lamkin TS1 Midsize Grip on it and I hit about 25-30 balls with it. As you can see from the pictures there are a couple tee marks on the face and I wouldn’t call it brand new but there are no marks anywhere else on the club and it’s just about new. Also has the headcover that’s never been used. Looking for $400 shipped, save yourself some money on a new 2021 head. Thank you, feel f
  3. Thanks for this topic. I was expecting an off the shelf driver to be 45.5 without the arccos grip and I’m glad that’s the case.
  4. Good insight from Jonathan Wall this morning, “”That might sound counterintuitive,” Oates said. “But when Louis was swinging smooth, he never felt like he was flipping it. The only problem with the initial build was it launched about 1 degree lower with about 300 RPMs more spin when compared to his G400 game, which is always the baseline. With an additional 8 grams of weight in the butt end of the shaft, Ping’s Tour team was able to rectify the launch and spin issue by altering the internal weight setup, placing more glue towards the face. The extreme count
  5. most recently Ventus Red 6X in a G400 from what I can find. However, he puts his counterbalanced Switchgrips in everything. This whole thing just makes me want to try it. I swing a bit faster than Louis but recently a slightly more flexible shaft has made my timing 10x better and I was hitting the center more often.
  6. I posted in the thread at the top of the page but I wanted to post a topic as I found this to be a fascinating move here, I wanted to see what everyone thought and I also feel like this is a surprising move that’s been totally under-reported and wasn’t seen very much at all from any sources. Louis had Ping build him a G425 LST with the Alta CB Slate in STIFF as reported on the homepage but to my surprise he put it in play this weekend! Now on Ping’s website and they usually give out full specs and it looks like it’s untipped? That is completely
  7. Its oddly gone under the radar in equipment circles, no Tursky or Jwall reporting on it. Its one of the more interesting gear things I have seen in awhile. Guy is playing a driver he could've grabbed at Golf Galaxy.
  8. Surprised this didn’t get more action, Louis had Ping build him a G425 LST with the Alta CB Slate in STIFF as reported on the homepage but to my surprise he put it in play this weekend! Now on Ping’s website and they usually give out full specs and it looks like it’s untipped? That is completely wild if that’s the case. He’s hitting it fairly far and straight too, and Louis isn’t a little bunter out there hes at 113 mph according to the PGA tour website. I don’t know what to think except seeing him and Adam Scott in weaker, softer shafts is very interesting, I certainly fel
  9. I got very concerned about this too but I am extremely happy with my Ventus Blue 8x in 5 wood and 7 wood. They’re both certainly heavy enough.
  10. I always get referred back to the company on issues like this, in fact I just got done with an online chat on Amazon and that was the first question they asked me but when I told them they refused it even though they were defective he said they could take care of it and they’ve refunded my credit card. Credit where it’s due, Amazon actually went out of their way and helped me with this and I’m impressed. So I’m glad this actually ended well then. Still so strange from Adidas...
  11. IMO the flex have more walking support but way less swing and lateral support as well as less grip, the proSL and especially the proSL carbon are very stiff and supportive of the swing but I just can’t like them for walking, and I’ve tried a few times.
  12. I just want to alert everyone to Adidas and their Customer Service. I bought this pair of Codechaos on October 1st, you can see my Amazon receipt and proceeded to use them on the course through about December 1st before the weather got too bad here in Wisconsin. Since then I have only used them to hit range balls about 2-3 times per week, then I went to Florida about 2 weeks ago and slipped and felt like the support was going away on my first few of swings back on grass. Unknown to me until I tried to walk more on them again and swing on grass the bottom of the shoes completely failed in multi
  13. ZR Z500, my fav cold weather layer has great kangaroo pockets.
  14. Unless your head is huge like mine the imperial beanies are awesome, don’t quite fit me but everyone i know loves them. Fleece lined on the inside too.
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