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  1. And how would you compare both to Wuskowhan? That’s also under consideration.
  2. Anyone have an idea of what a Korn Ferry guy might expect to earn from endorsements? Not a guy on his way to the pga tour, just your run of the mill journeyman like Dawie Van Der Walt? im assuming not much, maybe free equipment and $15k a year or something?
  3. Whats the membership like at each? I’m assuming Lost Dunes is more blue blood Chicago money….
  4. Played Point O Woods but never Lost Dunes. Anyone have insight? Considering a long distance membership at one of them since I’m in Michigan for 3-4 weeks a summer.
  5. He’s currently +3 and T137. 18 shots off the lead. That’s not gonna get it done.
  6. Gotta be more to it than having Kids. Lots of pros have kids. Mahan was top 5 in the world at one point.
  7. How did he lose his game that badly? Is he toiling on mini tours somewhere? I never cared for his swing, really dislike that “wipe” move across the ball. He was never gonna have the distance to compete with that move. Anyone talked to him?
  8. Yep mods here are awful. Speech police run amok. Pathetic.
  9. You sound fairly successful in your current career. Any particular reason you want to switch? People can certainly earn a lot as a financial advisor, but lots of FAs don’t make a lot, and many wash out of the biz. It’s generally like any financial services sales career (mortgage, insurance, etc). I would be prepared to earn little money for several years, likely a lot less than you are now, until you can build up a book of business.
  10. Guess who has a tee time this Thursday at Lost Dunes bro. Thanks for the assist.
  11. No you’re thinking of The Dunes Club. Sensation property right in the same area here in SW Michigan. Mike Keiser property. The Dunes Club is even more exclusive than Lost Dunes I believe.
  12. Heading up there next week and been dying to play it. Yea I know it's a long shot as I've heard it's exclusive AF.....just thought I'd throw a feeler out.....
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