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  1. Man, I wish this was in a 9 degree loft (I even have a Sim2 Max in 9 to trade)
  2. Tiger won the Vardon Trophy nine times. I know he is a great putter (best pressure putter ever), but you don't have that low of a scoring average year after year by not hitting great irons shots over and over again!
  3. She seems like she is just a root away from ending her career. She is so step and violent into the ground, it hurts my old hands and elbows just watching her swing.
  4. Some random thoughts...It looked like the Korda's were worn down a bit. Nelly has had a hell of a six month run and its takes it toll. I thought I heard the American didn't have any say into how the course was setup. I don't think its like the Ryder Cup where the home team captain has a lot of say on course conditions. Inverness is a hell of a course golf, but not a really exciting course to watch a Solheim Cup. Winning holes with par's and bogies is a bit boring (great for a US Open, but not for a team match). The only real birdies I seen most of the week is when they played the par 5 at 400 yards. The greens were so hard and the pins setup in the front, there just wasn't anyway to get an approach shots close, which for me made for boring golf.
  5. At the end of the day, your best players need to play like they are your best players. For the US, that didn't happen.
  6. Maguire is going to be a pain in the butt for the US team in a lot of Solheim Cups. She is a fantastic player!
  7. I also started playing around with this swing and to tell you the truth I haven't hit any big hooks in one 18 hole round and two nines. I shot 78, 38 and then 44. The reason I changed is I have been struggling with shanks for the last 5 or six years and I just need something that stopped my right hip from extending early. I'm in my mid 50's, hit most of my drives in the 260 range, with my 8 iron at 155 or so. I use to have a very good short game, but the shanks have me all screwed up. Thankfully, I am making a ton of putts and trying and leave my approach shots in the full shot range. At this point, I haven't noticed any loss of distance. I usually play a fade, but for the most part that has gone away. I'm hitting it pretty straight with my misses being more of a 10 yard pull (lots of just off the greens misses left). Hence the 44 my last 9 hole round (damn chips from just off the green aren't the easiest shot in the world lately). I will keep you posted on my progress.
  8. Does adding a heavier weight reduce the spin a bit? Also, does it make it a bit more draw biases by adding more weight on the heal side? thx Jeff
  9. Thank you very much! Jeff
  10. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows what weight screw would be used to get the Sim2 Max to 194g (I haven't removed it yet, still need to put of the tool). I am thinking of trying a CB shaft and was wondering what screw to order to bring the sw up a bit. thx Jeff
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