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  1. I also started playing around with this swing and to tell you the truth I haven't hit any big hooks in one 18 hole round and two nines. I shot 78, 38 and then 44. The reason I changed is I have been struggling with shanks for the last 5 or six years and I just need something that stopped my right hip from extending early. I'm in my mid 50's, hit most of my drives in the 260 range, with my 8 iron at 155 or so. I use to have a very good short game, but the shanks have me all screwed up. Thankfully, I am making a ton of putts and trying and leave my approach shots in the full shot range. A
  2. Does adding a heavier weight reduce the spin a bit? Also, does it make it a bit more draw biases by adding more weight on the heal side? thx Jeff
  3. Thank you very much! Jeff
  4. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows what weight screw would be used to get the Sim2 Max to 194g (I haven't removed it yet, still need to put of the tool). I am thinking of trying a CB shaft and was wondering what screw to order to bring the sw up a bit. thx Jeff
  5. I did the same as you going from I200 to the G410. The G410's are just a bit friendlier on off center hits. As far the the Nippon, great shaft but its seem to me they play soft and need to be played a whole flex stiffer. thx Jeff
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