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  1. I did the same as you going from I200 to the G410. The G410's are just a bit friendlier on off center hits. As far the the Nippon, great shaft but its seem to me they play soft and need to be played a whole flex stiffer. thx Jeff
  2. After just a few rounds, I find the M5 both more forgiving and longer (8 to 10 yards) than my M3. I have a different shaft in the M5 (smoke black 70G) vs the M3 (Tensei Blue 60G). I wanted to see if the lower spinning shaft and head combo would help and so far its been awesome!
  3. The 3 is a bit easier off the fairway and rough. Both are great off the tee!
  4. I am currently playing a 4 iron:-) One of my favorite clubs!
  5. Hello, I am interested in the clubs. Please let me know if they are still available. thx Jeff
  6. Hello boys, I just picked up an I500 4 iron in the power spec from a member. It will be here Friday, so hopefully it fits in well with the I200. Of course I killed my MP 18 MMC all day yesterday:-) I will let you know how it goes. Jeff
  7. Just curious what you guys ended up with. I'm currently playing the I200's (4-U) and am looking for something to fit the 225 gap that fits in with the other irons in the bag (I500, I200 3 iron or G410 crossover (I haven't gotten along very well with the previous versions of the crossover)). I am currently playing the Mizuno MP18 MMC fli-hi 3 iron. Whatever I end up getting, I will put the Steelfiber I100cw (great shaft and easy on the elbows and hands). thx Jeff
  8. What are the grinds of the wedges and if willing to break up, what is the cost? thx Jeff
  9. They do a great job, but a tad on the expensive side.
  10. > @"Holy Moses" said: > > @golfnoob25 said: > > Didn't get to watch... How many strokes did tiger lose putting? How does it compare to the field? > > > He missed two makable putts on 17 and 18 and three putted on 8. But he also made some long putts on 14 and 15. They don't use strokes gained at the Masters, but I'd say he was average at best all things considered. Tiger has putted poorly inside of 20 feet all week, but he's been great from 20+. I believe they said he was worst in the field inside of 5 feet and 83 or 84 out of 87 inside of 10, but #1 outside o
  11. I said yes, but after watching him play this Master's I just don't think he putts good enough inside of 10 feet to win a major. I need to change my vote to no:-(
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