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  1. Brand new Cayce driver headcovers with tags still attached. $45 each shipped, contUSA. PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking
  2. It was a great gear year for me. I have been a passionate and almost constant tinkerer for many years, but even I am not dumb enough to switch from my current setup. Season long win: 1. Mizuno MP-20 MMC. These irons have been magic for me. This head & shaft combo are likely my favorite irons that I've ever owned, and I've been playing this crazy game for decades. 2. Titleist TSi2 driver. When factoring distance and accuracy, this has been the best driver for me in many many years, maybe ever... 3. TS2 3w. I bought this at the beginning of the year because it was less expensive than the newest models, figuring I'd test it out for a while and then go back for a newer model using one or both of my 90 playability options. I fell in love and never thought about letting it go. Late season win: Vokey 58 M grind. For the last 10 years I've been a gap wedge/56/60 or gap/56 player. On a whim I decided to try out this new old stock SM5 a few months ago and it has been a magic wand for me, way better than I had hoped. Fail: 1. Ping 425 driver. I have been a huge Ping driver fan for years now but this thing was a total bust for me. 2. Srixon ZX7 irons. Again, I have been a huge Srixon iron fan for years but these things did not stick around long at all.
  3. Yes, there are instances when this statement has been true; I have even commented here in the past about a less than ideal interaction I had with them. But, I have since had several wonderful interactions with them. The putter and the customer service I received was top shelf. From the moment I unboxed the Carbon putter I bought from them I was extremely happy, and that whole experience far exceeded my expectations. I have bought putters from prominent boutique makers when the opposite was true
  4. Up for your consideration is a brand new Seamus 'Red Melton' driver headcover. "The Red Melton is a tightly woven wool that is felted and then heavily brushed for softness. It's the ideal fabric for outside activities and is often used for hunting jackets." Gold fleece lining. $55 shipped USPS Priority, contUSA. PM me with any questions
  5. @playit Please post a link to the eBay ad
  6. I see, they don't actually look like mmc clones. It was a situation where the seller was selling some (possibly fake) MP-20 mb's incorrectly described as mmc's. Here's an idea: You could post a link to the eBay ad for the very irons you bought. We could see the seller's original ad description, and the photos the seller used in the ad, and the seller's feedback. That would reveal a lot.
  7. I really want to see these "counterfeit" irons. I think it would be very difficult to create an iron that looks so similar to a real mmc that the only visual clues are missing serial numbers and etched mmc detail. They are complicated in their construction, and stunning and distinctive in their looks; why would counterfeiters pick this model to fake?
  8. Very tough to find one in this condition. No dings, scratches, or shop wear scuffs. Slightly over 34.5 inches. Comes with a matching Anser Milled white leather headcover in excellent condition. $170 shipped USPS Priority, fully insured, contUSA. PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking
  9. Up for your consideration is a beautiful Lajosi stainless steel Sensor w/ flow neck. 350/70/3. Pingman blackout grip. Lajosi grip master grip. Currently plays to 34.5". Comes with a premium Lajosi headcover. $415 $385 $365 SOLD shipped USPS Priority, contUSA, fully insured. PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking!
  10. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences here with us! I am very curious to hear if they fit you only indoors with the high speed cameras, or also partly outdoors on real grass with longer putts and putts with considerable breaks too.
  11. I would say that objectively neither one is better than the other. I would also say that while they are similar in several ways, they also have a few differences which should make it possible to determine which one is a better fit for a particular golfer. For me the MMC's are the better fit based on sole design, feel, and appearance from address. Obviously the opposite is true for some other golfers. I was a big Mizuno fan for many years but when the 745's came out I fell in love with the Srixons. I had three sets and loved them every time. I was just a ho. I have also owned two sets of 765's and one set of 785's and really enjoyed them as well. When the ZX7's came out I figured they might be the best Srixons yet. I was very surprised when they turned out to be my least favorite Srixon iron. I dearly love my MP-20 MMC's; they are truly one of my favorite sets of irons ever. I am a ho no longer. The only thing I would change about my setup is that I over-thought my order when I placed it. I ordered a HMB 4 iron and a T20 46* pw. In hindsight I wish I would have just ordered 4-pw mmc's. But I will say again that objectively neither iron is better than the other, one will just be a better fit for a particular golfer.
  12. BeNi Anser 2 Anser Milled 2 BeCu Anser 2
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