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  1. Up for your consideration is a beautiful Lajosi stainless steel Sensor w/ flow neck. 350/70/3. Pingman blackout grip. Lajosi grip master grip. Currently plays to 34.5". Comes with a premium Lajosi headcover. $415 $385 $365 SOLD shipped USPS Priority, contUSA, fully insured. PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking!
  2. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences here with us! I am very curious to hear if they fit you only indoors with the high speed cameras, or also partly outdoors on real grass with longer putts and putts with considerable breaks too.
  3. I would say that objectively neither one is better than the other. I would also say that while they are similar in several ways, they also have a few differences which should make it possible to determine which one is a better fit for a particular golfer. For me the MMC's are the better fit based on sole design, feel, and appearance from address. Obviously the opposite is true for some other golfers. I was a big Mizuno fan for many years but when the 745's came out I fell in love with the Srixons. I had three sets and loved them every time. I was just a ho. I have also owned two sets of 765's and one set of 785's and really enjoyed them as well. When the ZX7's came out I figured they might be the best Srixons yet. I was very surprised when they turned out to be my least favorite Srixon iron. I dearly love my MP-20 MMC's; they are truly one of my favorite sets of irons ever. I am a ho no longer. The only thing I would change about my setup is that I over-thought my order when I placed it. I ordered a HMB 4 iron and a T20 46* pw. In hindsight I wish I would have just ordered 4-pw mmc's. But I will say again that objectively neither iron is better than the other, one will just be a better fit for a particular golfer.
  4. BeNi Anser 2 Anser Milled 2 BeCu Anser 2
  5. Up for your consideration is a naked Byron Morgan 612. Stainless steel with glass blast finish. Rolled top line. Currently plays to 33.5". I bought this used; I was told the head weighs 350g but I cannot confirm that. I think it might be slightly lighter but I'm just guessing. It feels fantastic! Comes with a Byron Morgan headcover. $old shipped USPS Priority, contUSA, fully insured. Please PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking!
  6. Following up on my previous post. I just found the one on the bay I mentioned; it's still there. Then I doubled back and noticed the OP said he got his Txema directly from Bob years ago. Nice grab, OP. Hang on to it. Or please let me know if you decide to sell it. Also OP, hit the bay and snag yourself a Txema wedge on the cheap. 56 & 60.
  7. While I do not pretend to be an expert on this putter, I do have some experience with them and I don't necessarily agree with everything that has been said above. I have had 3 Txema putters within that run of 300. I spoke with Bob Evans on the phone about them not long after their release. I really enjoyed my Txema putters and my conversation with Bob. If I recall correctly, the curved 4-3-2-1 face was Bob Evans' baby. I don't know how much input JMO actually had in the design of the putter but he has been a longtime user of that shape, whether it be a Cameron or the Grace putter he has used so well. Maybe JMO did have significant input into the design and maybe his main contribution is his name. After the Txema release (BTW, Txema is JMO's nickname), Bob Evans worked with Kenny Knox on the Knox line. While the Txema head weighed 350g, the Knox version of the same shape weighed 360g IIRC. The Knox also had the 4-3-2-1 face but I don't think Kenny had anything to do with the original design, as it was already used by Bob on the Txema. As a side note, that face tech is very interesting. It really worked well for me in producing the effect intended. At one point a couple years ago I reached out to SIK Putters, asking about Bob. The person who responded told me they hadn't heard from Bob in over a year. I was sad to hear that just as SIK was taking off Bob was no longer involved. I hope he made out well on the deal, as he is a very nice man. Another thing, I believe I saw the very putter the OP posted, on the bay. Anyway, the one I saw had an ill-fitting shaft. The Txema was designed to have a bell tip / flare tip shaft IIRC. OP, if you shaft is not fitting well look for a bell/flare tip shaft. The Txema is a beautiful putter, which feels fantastic!!!
  8. Greetings ladies and gents. Up for your consideration is a naked stainless steel DH89, with a brushed stainless finish. 340g head, 70, 3, and measures 34.25". Remember, with the brushed finish there can be faint "scratches" which might be visible from certain angles. Comes with a Byron Morgan logo'd PURE midsize grip and a wonderful leather headcover with magnetic closure. $390 shipped USPS Priority, contUSA, fully insured. PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking!
  9. Ladies and Gents, up for your consideration is a naked Ping Anser Milled "0". It is in good used condition. Measures 34.75". Comes with a Lamkin Deep Etched Cord grip. Comes with the white Anser Milled matching headcover, which is in good condition; there is some cosmetic wear on the magnets but they still function properly. $OLD shipped USPS Priority, fully insured, contUSA. PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking!
  10. I have Modus 105 stiff in my irons; the RDX is 6.0 in my driver. I have owned a Ping Tour65 in regular flex once and in stiff flex several times. I love that shaft, but I don't match up perfectly with either flex. I could get pretty wild sometimes with a reg and I feel like I need to swing a touch harder than I would like to at times with the stiff. I do not feel that way swinging my RDX 6.0. If I were to go back to a ping driver it would be with a tour65 stiff though. If you went with a tour65 reg because the stiff felt a little stout, I would still consider the RDX 6.0 if I were you. I would say 5.5 in the black or original smoke. I have a tensei blue stiff flex in my titleist 3w, and I'd go with a tensei blue stiff hybrid shaft if my hybrid was a titleist
  11. The way I read it, it's not so much two different trajectories as it is a range of potential trajectories depending on the individual
  12. I've always found this chart to be very interesting. They seem to be saying: you can expect this from the 105 and 125, this from the 130, and you could get a wide variety of results from the 120. I think it speaks to the unique bend profile of the 120. Again, I'm not knocking the 120; it's just unusual. Paul Casey rocks the 120 and he is one of the best ball strikers on the planet
  13. I have owned several sets with Modus 120 shafts. They are fun to swing for me but I have now vowed to not own them again. They just don't work well for me on the course. They have such an unusual bend profile, being really soft right below the hands. I am not consistent with them, can't work the ball side to side or up and down, kind of a one trick pony and not a great trick at that. I'm not saying they are bad, just not for me. The first time I experienced the Modus 105 was about 6 years ago. My buddy and I had both just purchased new irons and we decided to meet at the driving range to see how our new irons performed. I had a shiny new set of Mizuno MP-5's with S300 and he had some Ping ie1's with Modus 105. I couldn't stop hitting his Pings. For a while I thought what I was loving was the Ping i series head but it eventually dawned on me that the magic I was loving was the Modus 105. Fast forward to now, even as a longtime club ho, I have absolutely no desire to switch irons. (Also, If you like the mp-54's I encourage you to try the mp-20 mmc's!) Another thing, I instantly fell in love with the RDX in my driver this year too It's very interesting how the modus 105 and the RDX are perfect matches for us
  14. There can't be many of these around in this condition. One piece carbon steel with durable pvd finish. 35 inches. Odyssey Tour Authentic grip and matching headcover. $old shipped USPS Priority, contUSA, fully insured. PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking!
  15. I bought this second hand so I don't know some of the details with absolute certainty. I think I remember being told the specs are 355g/70/3. All of those specs feel correct to me. Currently playing a touch over 33". Comes with an Iomic i-classic grip installed. I will also include a brand new black Iomic "standard" size grip and a brand new black Iomic "regular" size grip. Comes with a Stitch putter cover. $old shipped USPS Priority, fully insured, contUSA. PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking!
  16. This has seen just one trip to the practice green. It's in dead perfect condition. Plays a hair over 34 inches, 70 lie, 350g head. Comes with a standard size Iomic grip and matching headcover with magnetic closure. I'll include 3 Piretti ball marker chips. $325 $310 $300 shipped USPS Priority, fully insured, contUSA. If you need a different shipper then message me. PM with any questions. The only trade I would consider would be a flow neck of similar quality and condition. Thanks for looking!
  17. Byron Morgan 612 with a welded rincon neck and rolled top line. Stainless steel with glass blast finish. 34 inches. I was told it is 350g & 70*, which feels correct. Comes with a stepped shaft and Byron logo'd PURE grip. Comes with a Byron headcover in perfect condition. $OLD shipped USPS Priority contUSA, fully insured. PM me with any questions. If you are having troubles with USPS where you live we can work it out to ship with another carrier, which may cost a little more. Thanks for looking!
  18. Salt Lake City, Utah 7 Cameron special select newport Bettinardi Studio Stock 17 Yes Yes Thank you
  19. I am the original owner. I did not request any tipping when I purchased it
  20. Fujikura Speeder 569 Evolution III in stiff flex. I bought this brand new and I've probably hit about 30 balls with it. Dead perfect condition. Fuji lists the weight as 59g. Comes with a Titleist tip and Golf Pride Multi-Compound grip. Plays to 45 inches installed. $OLD shipped. PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking!
  21. 35 inches. Comes with matching headcover. $145 shipped. PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking
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