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  1. Freddy Couples has a lot of lag in his forward swing but that is caused by the speed in his arms. Fast arms not lag = a fast golf club. Steve
  2. As as a general rule I'd say never try to hit a club that you are unable to hit at least well enough. Therefore OP is doing the right thing for now but needs to work hard on learning to hit longer clubs.. No more than 8 iron would be very limiting. Steve
  3. Your hands should release naturally in response to the swinging of the club toward the target. Only when you are hitting a specialty shot do you need to think about what the hands do. Steve
  4. I don't disagree but speed of the greens is a condition to consider. Faster greens more loft to maintain control of the ball but I still wqnt the ball running like a putt when it reaches the hole. Steve
  5. Minimum air time maximum ground time as conditions permit Steve
  6. If you have been stuck on a plateau for a significant period of time you might ask yourself have I reached my personal maximum of performance. Everyone has a maximum and is not usually as high as we which. Ignoring golf for a moment, before I ever swung a golf club I was accomplished in football basketball and baseball. Highly recruited out of high school. captained captained the basketball and baseball team at a division 1 school. It never occurred to me that if I just practiced enough, or got the right coaching I would be fit for the NBA. The physical difference between Oscar
  7. 1. Look behind the ball. I demand relatively compact size, relatively little off-set and a relatively thin top line. Others need not apply 2. Turf interaction. In and out smoothly. Killed leading edge and significant camber ti the sole. 3. As much forgiveness as I can get with criteria 1 and 2. 4. For me that adds up to T-100s bent weak one degree from 4 iron to nine iron and a Vokey pitching wedge. Steve
  8. Take an extra firm grip and hit down on the ball shortly. What club you can use depends on the lie and how strong you are. Steve
  9. Feet together drill. A few reps. as a warm up every time I go to the range, Steve
  10. Never had a problem with a chicken wing. From the very start I have been focused on keeping the arms, and particularly the left arm, relaxed. The relaxed arm just folds elbow down naturally. Steve
  11. Focus on brushing the turf on the target side of the ball. Steve
  12. You should be asking a physician, not a bunch of guys in a golf forum. Steve
  13. I still have a Titleist 906 F4 five wood that's in my bag any time I carry the five wood. Very reliable and suited to its purpose. Steve
  14. I have one and use it before a round for a good stretch. Steve
  15. Jack Nicklaus early extended his way to 18 professional majors. I wonder if he would have done better is he fussed about his swing instead of learning to play with it? Steve
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