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  1. We all have a natural pace when we take the club back, a personal tempo so to speak. Don't deviate from that too much. Steve
  2. Sean2: When I have your problem it's almost always because my shoulders are open at address. Square them up so that they are parallel to the target line and see how that works. Steve
  3. Perhaps they are all right. Manny taught a grip that was compatible with the swing he taught. Others teaching other grips may have been doing the same Steve
  4. 50/50 at impact is in the nature of an intention Since we allow are bodies to respond to the motion of the we have more weight on the front foot at impact. The reason for holding that intention is we don't have to intentionally shift weight that will shift without Any deliberate effort to shift. Steve.
  5. I suggest you google "Manuel de la Torre golf swing" and you can see some video of him swinging the club. As he taught his weight remains 50/50 right and left while he produces a dynamic swing. Steve
  6. I was taught to maintain a fifty fifty weight distribution left foot right foot at address, at the top of the swing and at impact. As a result don't need to concern myself with recentering, I'm centered throughout the swing. sorry about the font, it means nothing. Steve
  7. From the very beginning my teacher encouraged me to curve the ball ant hit it high and low to encourage me to learn club face control. It didn't become part of my on the course play until I was approaching scratch. Steve
  8. For me its a combination of club selection, opening or closing the face at address and release pattern. Steve
  9. Actually Manny wanted us to swing the whole club in the direction of the target,' Steve
  10. Whether it's actually a pause or not I think is is good if the transition feels unhurried. Steve
  11. In my humble nonprofessional opinion clearing the hips ruins more golf swing than it help. People who emphasize hip clearing often leave the club head behind resulting in a lot of sorrow. If you permit you body to react naturally to the motion of the club your hips will clear the right amount and at the right time for you.
  12. Most of my shots come from 2 clubs, driver and putter. Steve
  13. Arm speed leads to club speed. How you get your arms to move fast differs from method to method. Steve
  14. Our game is way too hard if you don't use the bounce. Maybe some of the pros who play and practice every day can make precise contact, but I can't. Steve
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