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  1. I wouldn't make any recommendation until I could see his ball flight and knew his ability to repeat. A good swing is one that produces good ball flight and repeats. History is full of better than scratch pros and amateurs who had strange looking swings that produced reliable shots while not looking good. Steve
  2. Your new clubs are 3 degrees more upright than the old set. Either that will take some time to ajust or you can bend the clubs. Steve
  3. Two that come to mind would be Ted Purdy and Tommy Aaron both of whom were followers of his method in every detail. Being a bit more general the core of Manny's teaching was that the club should be swung, a swinging motion, which almost all good players do and few poor players. Steve
  4. Brett Freeman at Freebird Golf. Steve
  5. Your inability to improve may be because in your own words you are seeing instructors. One instructor is fine, two are not as good and more than two and you don't know what the hell to do. Getting better at golf is largely executing better. To execute better you need to know what to do and then practicing doing that thing until you can do it well and consistently. With more than one instructor telling you to different things your just lost. Steve
  6. I think it is a mistake to try to tease ought subtle differences between what Manny taught and what Ernest Jones taught based on differences in terminology. I believe there is no difference between how Manny wanted the club to move and what Ernest Jones wanted. This is based on not having ever met Mr. Jones but having heard Manny talk about him. In either method we hold the club in our hands and swing our hands with our arms. One guy can describe that as swing with the hands and another as swinging with the arms. No reason to argue with either. The same is true of the distinction of swinging the whole club and swinging the club head. Manny would have been happy to point out that if the club head is really swinging the rest of the club is swinging as well. I don't think he believed that he had improved on Earnest Jones, but perhaps used different language designed to prevent his students from trying to add speed to the club head without speeding up the whole club. Both men were great teachers. Steve
  7. I've only played what Manny taught me and my clubs are plain vanilla. That ought to answer the question of whether special specs are needed to go his way. Steve
  8. There are jobs performed by assistants for which you are fully qualified, but hours will be long and pay short. Steve
  9. I putt with a Pro Platinum Newport Mid-Slant and have since it was new.Its the mid slat neck that keeps it in the bag. Steve
  10. I play all of-my golf according to the strict rles of golf with only one exception If doing so would hold up people behind me I don't take a stroke and distant penalty for OB or lost ball. In that case I drop as close as I can to where the ball was last seen and I;m hitting three. Steve
  11. Manny told his students to hold the club in the top hand as you would if you were to reach out and grab it. For me that in my palm at the base of my fingers. I suspect that to be individual or at least no universal. The right hand needs to be applied so it is in balance with left, in other word left and right palms facing one another. Steve
  12. Rajah: Sorry, my last response to you was incomplete. I wanted to gone on to say that you need to back to square one and re-learn how to move the club. Know that this is not unusual or unexpected when someone is knew to the method. In time it will become second nature to you and there will be no more periods of bad golf. Stay the course. Steve
  13. Rajah: I hear you saying that earlier this season you were hitting the ball well but now you have hit a rough patch. I assure you that the method you were applying a few months ago will still work if you do it now. In other words you are not swinging the club the same way a
  14. I don't care what the actual lofts are. I try clubs out before I buy them and if they produce the kind of ball flight I want it's a sale no matter what the actual loft is. I come from a time of persimmon woods without any lofts stamped on the club. We just tried various clubs until we found the one that worked.Once we found a perfect club it stayed our bags for a long time. Steve
  15. Depends on the lie, the distance to the spot I want to land the ball and how far it is from there to the pin. Steve
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