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  1. Brooks is being a p***y period. Ive lost all respect in the guy.
  2. I bought my daughter (4'11" and 12 yrs old) a regular size Taylor made stand bag and added Styrofoam to the bottom and will take out a layer as we rebuild/ buy her longer clubs! The TM stand we bought has a zipper inside the line zippered pocket that gives access to the inside bottom of the bag. Makes it super easy to get to!
  3. The old solus wedges were unreal!!! I still have a few in the garage!!
  4. Did u order off of ebay? Pictures speak a thousand words!
  5. My 12 or old daughter has this model and it will def tip side to side. We really like the cart though and it is very easy for her to handle. Doesnt take much for it to tip....thats for sure!!!!
  6. True makes a great shoe with a wide toe box!
  7. I also wear a half size smaller in FJ. Back in the day we all wore FJ classics! They jacked my feet up!!! Prob had more to do with incorrect fit, but damn they were heavy?! I buy my kids lighter shoes... The rate that kids outgrow shoes is crazy! Premiers are cool, but I think in going zg21 for both of my kids!!! My daughter is still in junior sizes which saves over 100$$$$$! Try to have him try on whatever shoe u guys decide on!
  8. Does anyone know which Ping ferrule will work on the ladies Ping G LE bonded fairway wood? I am putting a fairway together for a junior golfer and need to order one. I dont mind ordering dif ferrules and making one work, but thought I would see if anyone has ever reshafted on of these? The G LE 2 has the adjustable sleeve, but the 1st edition is adjustable driver and bonded fairway wood. Thanks on advance. Tim
  9. > @fixed_gear said: > > @jvincent said: > > If you hit your old 7i on the course at the same time as your new one do you still have the same distance gap? > > Yes, it's the same distance gap. Not only with the 7i but with all of them. I generally take two more clubs than I used to use on the same hole. > Have u actually taken both sets out to the course to verify that you still hit your Adams irons 2 full clubs farther than the new srixon irons ? It doesnt matter how far you hit the adams at one time... It matters how far you hit them today/now. If ????? You still hit your adams 2 clubs longer than the new srixons i would go back to your fitter and hit them in front of him. Shaft could def be part of the issue. Like someone else said, tell work u have a dentist appt and make the 1.5 hour trip. Its not fair to the fitter to put this off and then expect him to fix it next year. My .02.
  10. I carry a 46 pw, 50 gap, 54 sw and a 60 bent to 59 as a lob. You have 8 deg between your pw and sw. Maybe replace the 48 with a 50/52
  11. I see what you are talking about. Im sure there are tolerances like most golf equip, but the one one the left def looks quite a bit more crooked or bent. Try it and see how you hit it ? You could swap with the one on the rt if it bothers you. Cant say ive seen that much bend ! Keep us posted.
  12. All adapters are crooked. If they were perfectly straight there wouldnt be any adjustability.
  13. > @Booker said: > I own both heads , the 430 sldr and 460 spin less than the ltd pro. Also look at m1 430 and the biocell pro head. Good call on the Bio Cell Pro! One of the lowest spinning driver heads i have ever hit. Better hit it solid or it will fall out of the sky like a medicine ball!
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