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  1. I have what looks to be the exact bag in the above pics and have pretty mych exclusively taken a cart over the past year and a half and have no marks, tears, wear spots or peeling anywhere on my vessel stand bag. Wonder if they changed material? I wouldnt trade my bag for any other stand bag out there!!! If the white part gets dirty its easy to clean with a wet cloth. I haven't experienced anything like ok. Hope they didn't switch material???
  2. Ok... You didnt get them from ebay, but providing info on where u did get them may help others determine authenticity. Its hard to tell from pics alone. I have played iomic putter and full club for 15 years and at one time had them coming directly from iomic twice a year. More info would be great.
  3. > @larciel said: > I'll throw a curveball. > Louisiana address might be eBay's international forwarding address. I've sold multiple items to customers in Singapore through that. If you want to double check the address, let me know and I can dig it up. > 0 feedback is sketch but you have to start someway! You are exactly right. Ive sold quite a bit to sinapore and shipped to a US location. Never an issue
  4. I would avoid the BST and put it on ebay...unless u dont mind a bunch of lowball, half price offers. Club had also be better than described or you risk the seller wanting a refund. I have always had pretty good luck selling on here, but the last thing i sold was prob 6 months ago and the lowball offers got old quick. I just give my clubs to my kids and donate to their middle school and highschool programs.
  5. I was searching for a slant neckband stumbled accross this exact listing. Sure does look like a slant neck, but cant quite tell? I would think they would take it back as long as you pay to ship it back? Slants are def harder to find.
  6. My blood is boiling and i have nothing to do with this sale! How do i block this guy??? If this guy leaves neg feedback he needs to be straight up banned from this site!
  7. Wow. I have officially seen it all.
  8. > @Sef said: > My guess is this club is being clearanced out and this was one of the last ones they had. My local PGATSS has 2 of these left on the shelf. I 100% agree and totally get that, but op bought what was described as a new club. Plastic wrapper or not....the club has obviously been spanked! The guys that are saying its not a big deal and he got a good deal on it are full of s***! They are knocking op for complaining when he has every right to be salty! Did hebget a good deal on a club he really wanted????? Yes, but it wasnt as described.
  9. I bet that 90% of the people saying "its no big deal".... Would be upset and atleast consider sending the club back! Its not a big deal when its someone elses money! If it were me and i got a good deal on it i would more than likely keep it, but imo op has every right to be a little ticked and vent about it!
  10. I have a leupold range finder that is almost 15 years Old. Works as well today as it did when i first got it. Had a friend thatvhad a newer model and had an issue and they sent him a new one. Heard that their cs is top notch!
  11. C-tapers help destroy my elbow. Notbabgreat shaft for someone that hits a lot of range balls! Couldnt get past the harshness and lack of feel!
  12. > @Bobb3rdown said: > Still playing 2017 zstar and xv. Supply is running low though. Anyone know of any deals? All of my local pro shops still have the 6-packs for $9.95 overflowing on their counters! I just go around and buy 3 or 4 at a time. Ive played the zstar for years and am about the only person in my area who isnt a pro v 1 titleist fanboy!
  13. I have bent my Black TM milled grind wedges from almost 1 degree up to 2 flat and also bent the 56 strong and they bent like butter! They are carbon steel and very easy to bend.
  14. Cut it clean right at the break and add whatever length you lost at the tip to the butt end via an extension. (Or play it short)It will play stiffer than it did, but you may hit it even better??? Or cut it clean and use as a fairway shaft.
  15. Never heard of going more upright. I am 2 degrees flat and if i hit a std lie or even a longer club the heel digs and i hit swooping hooks!
  16. > @t4t3r said: > > @Nessism said: > > > @t4t3r said: > > > > @Nessism said: > > > > > @t4t3r said: > > > > > Are you using these on a different set of Ping irons? Have a set of S55 I need to shaft and I just used a non-collared ferrule that fits perfectly, but for 0.49 each I’d grab a bunch and use them on the S55s and anything else they’ll match. Collared ferrules in general tend to work better for me. > > > > > > > > Pretty sure the S55's are designed for collared ferrules. Gotta look inside the hose
  17. > @mmoran said: > There are only more bowlers than golfers because they count anyone that goes bowling. It would be like golf counting anyone that played miniature golf with a loaner putter as a golfer. The golf equipment industry is exponentially bigger than bowling. TGW does more business than all the online bowling retailers combined. Bowling manufacturers measure their sales in tens of millions. Golf manufacturers measure in billions. Not sure uf your numbers are accurate, but it sure does sound good! Makes sense to me!
  18. > @Shipwreck said: > > @indianalawnguy said: > > > @Shipwreck said: > > > > @iteachgolf said: > > > > > @ATAlxndr said: > > > > > > @golfinguru11 said: > > > > > > > @kcsf said: > > > > > > > OP, vote with your dollars if you don't agree with Ping's business model. Complaining that you don't understand why they don't allow discounts is not a good look. > > > > > > > > > > > > It’s hilarious to me that they’d send in secret shoppers to country c
  19. > @Shipwreck said: > > @iteachgolf said: > > > @ATAlxndr said: > > > > @golfinguru11 said: > > > > > @kcsf said: > > > > > OP, vote with your dollars if you don't agree with Ping's business model. Complaining that you don't understand why they don't allow discounts is not a good look. > > > > > > > > It’s hilarious to me that they’d send in secret shoppers to country clubs, and not really a good look on their part. > > > > > > I’m skeptical of secret shoppers sent by any manufactu
  20. Sorry. Long day. My first sentance was suppose to say....you prep the shaft if u want the epoxy to bond.
  21. Yes... You still preo the shaft if you want tge epoxy to bond. Dont really understand the 2nd question, but you will glue it and then butt cut the shaft to desired playing length regardless. Standard or plus 1" it doesnt matter. If you install the shaft +1 inch longer they will play 2 degrees more up right. A half inch would make them 1 degree upright.
  22. > @apj0524 said: > Advise please > > > > I have Srixon Z U65 4i 23 degree fitted with standard Miyazaki Kaula 7 Shaft, to supplement my set of AP3s PW ~ 5i, all the clubs are reg shafts and are fitted with Lamkin Crossline Midsize and the AP3's are D1. > > > > I really like the U65 and even at my slow swing speed I hit it high and long, the only issue I have is that the U65 should be D1 as standard but the Lamkin grip has changed it to C8. > > > > So my question is to satisfy my OCD I understand that if I shorten the shaft b
  23. > @RogerinNewZealand said: > Some of the pre md2 wedges were highest spin Ever for me and hence short.I had jaws, x forged xTour and md2 tour was longer also. Hence switch to Vokeys and i get consistent distances.A lower launch shaft may be needed on one wedge or rebend to get the gapping you need.8 years ago i learned i had 4 different wedges that went in the same 20m gap....thats when i threw out dg spinner shafts.... This^^^^ exactly and especially the JAWS wedges. They spin a ton and thats where the yardage dif is coming from b
  24. Try it at the range at 40.25 and if it feels too long cut it at the butt and re-grip it maybe add a little tape? You def dont need to go get a fitting to figure out how long to make your 3h.
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