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  1. I did a set of protos a few months ago and they were pretty close to the same as the reg 95 gram f4 mentioned in the above post.
  2. I just shafted my iblades with recoil 95's and they are all D-2.5- D3! I love how they swingweight!!!
  3. You can pick a Ping Tour 75 x up for under $80 on ebay and have a F9 tip installed. Im pretty sure UST is making the Ping Tour shaft. You could probably get the same shaft minus the Ping name pretty easily!!!!
  4. Changing shafts is very easy. I did a set last night after work, but if it is somthing you have never done before you should find a club builder near you. If u ever get interested in club building and invest in a few basic tools you can do it yourself. I dont recomend practicing on brand new HM's though!!! Lol You will be able to get this all worked out pretty easily, but i would def give the clubs a little more time!
  5. They are on the HUGE side as far as size. Felt like i was gripping a baseball bat! I didnt care for the feel and texture either. Kind of cool looking, but the size was a no go for me and couldn't imagine playing in rain or in humid conditions unless everyone in my group wore helmets and protective gear! Other than those negatives they were awesome !
  6. Why would you put tape that doesnt affect weight (or do anything other than protect the sole) on a putter you are going to game???? Don't get me wrong...its a nice putter and everything, but golf clubs are meant to be used! Atleast i think thats why you purchased it????
  7. They are ok. I had one for about a year. Pretty small head, so prob not what a high handicapper would enjoy looking down at! I saw them somewhere like Rockbottom a while back for $79 new. One of the courses i play quite often has a 235 par 3 w/ elevated tee and green and i prob hit the green 80% of the time with my baffler. Prob should have kept it but i only hit it once a round!!!
  8. Iblades and i200 both. I currently play the iblade with recoil shafts and gamed i200's last year. Only reason i switched to i blades was the more compact head. I switched back to ping frim jpx 900 tours and the pings are more forgiving and seem to hit it the distances i need them to.
  9. You arent stepping back much...as others have said..hybrids are more about filling a gap. I have owned all, but the 410, but still have a 20° anser in the bag and i cant find anything i like better!!! I can hit it 200yds or i can hit it 220 if needed. I can hit it high or low and even hit a cut with it!!!!
  10. Wow!!!!!! They look like pretty much every other blade iron produced in the last 50 years!
  11. The Blueprint will 100% be coming to retail. There will be a very small % of players on this site that will be good enough ball strikers to play them and benifit from them, but im sure that wont stop all the 2 and 3 handicap guys prepping for PGA Champions Tour!!!!!
  12. When/if its not in as good of shaoe as advertised maybe u can send it back and eat the shipping? Hard to beat brand new with headcover and tool!!!
  13. Real tough...lol I do understand how to use a phone to call....as well as use email. Texting is more efficient than both, not only for me but obviously for Ping as well. I got an immediate response the last time I texted them. If you don’t have the number and just want to bust my nads just pm me so the general public doesn’t have to read your nonsense. Thanks. Haha. Right!! I would like to know the number as well, but seems to be all about ball busting from the "wrx know it alls"!
  14. In my opinion there should be a rules official on #17 the entire tournament. It is Tiger and Lacavas responsibility, but it is def hard to tell frim the tee on #17 at Sawgrass and a permanent rules official on that hole would be nice!
  15. Yeah I'm sure that the golf fitter that's been in business for 20+ years and listed by Golf Digest as one of the top fitters in the country is full of crap, lied to me to get my business, and you have more knowledge than them. I'm no engineer, but when I described the issue I was having to the new fitter, that during my PXG fitting I got a nice straight consistent ball flight, and then the irons I receive produce a high hooking ball flight. The "testing", and the "chart" he used confirmed that even though the shaft says "regular" flex on it, the test results proved they weren't regular flex sh
  16. Sometimes its just easier to fix it yourself and move on. Who knows how long OP would have been with out his PXG's if someone had returned his call! In the grand scheme of life an xtra $600 for someone that can afford the PXG brand in the first place isnt the end of the world. He payed a little $ and took hos clubs with the correct shafts with him that day and didnt have to play phone tag with the PXG big-shots!
  17. Was getting ready to book a similar fitting with PXG. Not now!!!!!! .
  18. I went with the 6 way in white w/ black. I like the 6 way better bc its what im use to, but really wish i had gone all white! I have someone ask me where i got my bag almost everytime i play. These bags seem to wear extremely well. Mine still looks brand new and its been used a bunch!!!
  19. I wouldnt trade mine for any other bag! Also, the ball pocket comes completely off and can be embroidered with name, club logo or biz logo for about $10 at any shop that does embroidery.
  20. Yup. Sell here and get ready to get lowballed. At least with ebay it's put up or shut up. Couldnt agree more. My last few salea on the BST left me scratching my head. Its either give it away on the BST or pay ebay? Paypal and usps get you either way! I try to give people great deals and still get offers of 50% my asking price. May just start donating to junior golf.
  21. LOL, was thinking the exact same thing. By the time the guy goes through buying some of the suggestions he'd end up being more out of pocket than just buying another roll of lead tape ;) ! you both make good points. part of the issue for me is disposal. i'd rather test new swing weights with something i don't need to drive over to the recycling center when i'm done with it. :) Wait... What???? Its lead tape. You dont need to wear a HAZMAT suit when applying.
  22. My daughter has a set of 5-pw and a 56 and 60. I totally recommend these clubs to anyone with kids interested in golf! If your child is 5 or 6 it is very easy to go to the flynn website and find out recomeded lengths... Do a little measuring and cutting and you are in business! You can even order new grips from the site for a couple $ each! Send Mike Flynn an email and he will gladly answer any questions. Great buy on these clubs! I paid 2 1/2 times the amount and chose to assemble myself.
  23. Got it sorted. Thank you everyone. Ordered a driver adapter today and the guy knew exactly what i needed and was going to include 3 ferrules! Hope they are correct? He seemed to know right away what i needed.
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