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  1. HMPs are incredible clubs and fit perfectly within the mid-handicapper range. Don’t let the “pro” name make you think they aren’t forgiving or meant for mid-handicappers. They are very forgiving, but just don’t have as much offset as some others in the range, and the topline is smaller than some of others in range.
  2. I had a fitting yesterday and loved (and bought) the 410 lst. I found it very easy to hit and this is coming from someone who generally struggles and rarely ever hits a 3 wood.
  3. > @Jlender21 said: > Hi guys, anyone hit these against ping i500 and P790? Any thoughts on distance and forgiveness comparing these models. Thanks I hit all of them (HMP, i500 and P790) in a recent fitting and distance was largely the same (I think they have the same or similar loft specs so that would make sense). The HMP were the most consistent for me (not a knock on the others or suggesting that the others don’t work better for other swings) and were more forgiving IMO. Really pleased with them.
  4. Recently got the HMP and really like them. Plenty of forgiveness but still great looking. Would definitely recommend.
  5. > @Kay_Jay said: > I don't get to play and/or practice as often as I used to and down to just one round a weekend with no time for the range during the week. I'm looking to possibly replace my JPX850 Forged with something a little more forgiving without completely losing feel. I know there are plenty of options in this category but after doing some research, I've narrowed my choices down to either Srixon z545/565/585 or Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metals or 919 Hot Metals and currently keeping tabs on any good deals I find on used sets. Are there minimal differences between the two models? Do yo
  6. > @knightd_2001 said: > Thanks. I have hit the regular Apex. A friend of mine has a set. Solid but felt a little too chunky. What shaft are you playing in the HMP? While trying them I hit the C-Taper really well with HMP. I am playing the kbs tour x stiff. I tried the C-Taper and for whatever reason didn’t get along with them, but know that a lot of folks do like that shaft quite a bit. I personally preferred the look of the HMP over the regular Apex (Apex looks a bit stumpy for my taste) at address. I was between the kbs and project x on shafts. The dispersion of the kbs was better
  7. > @knightd_2001 said: > I have been looking at 919 HMP and the APEX pro 19. I was a long time player of Mizuno player but have been playing Callaway the last few years. I spent several hours at PGA store hitting irons and the HMP was the best but didn't hit the Apex that day and wanted to know if anyone could compare. > Thanks. I just got the HMP and love them. I unfortunately can’t compare to the apex pro but I would think the apex (not the pro) would be a more comparable iron to the HMP. I hit the apex when being fit and it was a solid iron. I just hit the HMP better. The HMP
  8. > @cardoustie said: > I just posted 10 suggstions in another thread ... need to locate > The guy has lost weight and gained speed Found ur prior comment. Thanks for heads up!!
  9. Anyone have recommendations for a “non-boardy” x-stiff driver shaft? Over the years, I’ve gone between x-stiff and stiff driver shafts (was just fitted for kbs tour x stiff in irons) in my driver. I have a pretty fast swing tempo and speed. However, for whatever reason, I tend to over swing and can’t get as consistent results with the x stiff shafts that are typically stock in whatever driver I have used. I have better results with a stiff shaft because mentally I don’t feel like I need to swing as hard. That said, the stiff shafts tend to spin far too much and too high. Thus, I am looking for
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