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  1. Drag and drop your pics vs "attaching" them...I've been there and had to fix
  2. Thinning the heard... Vokey SM7 set...50.08 F grind, 54.08 M grind and 58.08 M grind. Nippon Modus 3 Tour 105 shafts in stiff and Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. Standard L/L/L. Plenty of life left in these! $Sold Titleist Tensei Hybrid 70HY shaft in stiff flex with Titleist adapter. Brand new...standard L/L/L from a TS2 19* Titleist hybrid. Measures 40" $Sold
  3. Only my opinion, but two very different putters. SC was much deeper milled and softer (CA model)....Piretti was more crisp. SC was more compact w a taller/deeper face....Piretti was shorter. SC was adjustable head weight...my Piretti was 375 and felt too heavy. SC had more sight lines and edges that broke up the view...the Piretti was very uniform and smooth looking at address. As a typical WRXer, I sold em both...but only miss the SC. The Piretti was too big for me.
  4. I’ve had both at separate times and I’d say the Piretti is larger overall.
  5. Thanks for all the feedback...I am going to try a graphite shaft and counterbalance grip/weight. Does it matter what flex shaft I get? Do I need X stiff for a putter?
  6. Clearing out the extras! Open to offers, but please "keep it classy" Custom Long Neck Piretti Cottonwood II Armlock. 42"/6* loft/70* lie. Brand new Jumbomax grip and original Piretti head cover. One of a kind... $Sold Scotty Cameron Phantom X7. 35" and standard loft/lie. Original OEM Pistolero Plus grip, shaft band and head cover. Nothing else to say... $Sold Rare Scotty Cameron Pistolero Plus in black. Brand new pull from a H20 Black Limited. Paint fill is removed for that desired (?) Murdered Out look.
  7. I'm no club designer, so not sure about the details. What was described to me is when the club is square...there is a lot of bounce. When the club is opened up...the club is ground down so that is results in somewhere around 4-5* of bounce. Thats all I know.
  8. It's a special grind that has 13-15* bounce when square, but 4-5* bounce when opened up. #notforamateurs
  9. I have a custom long neck Piretti CW II that has a head weight of 375 grams...think wide blade putter with tri sole bottom and no removable weights. Is there anyway to get it down to 365 grams, as its simply too heavy.
  10. I was told there will be a Hovland DS 72 released in March. Anybody know anything about this?
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