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  1. Up for sale is an Odyssey Black Series Tour Design 1W. Putter is different as it does not have any site lines. The putter plays to around 34.5 inches and has a black KBS CT Tour shaft and a SuperStroke Traxion Pistol GT grip. I have lead tape on the bottom and can take it off it asked. No head over included.Looking for $old shipped and PayPal. Not looking for TradeS and Continental US. only. Thanks for looking.
  2. Selling my G400 9* Driver. It comes with two shafts. $old PayPal shipped. No Headcover and comes with a Mizuno too. Continental US ONLY. No Trades at this time. 1) Ping Alta CB 55 stiff. Plays around 45 inches, 2) Fujikura Atmos Blue Tour Spec 6S. Plays around 44.5 inches. Thanks for looking.
  3. Driver Ping G400 3 Wood TaylorMade M5 3 Hybrid Mizuno CLK 4 hybrid Nike VR Pro Irons (5-PW) Cobra Forged Tec Black Wedges 50-54 Cleveland RTX4 Wedge 58 Nike Engage Putter Toulon Atlanta Ball Nike RZN Platinum So 7
  4. Did they cancel Gladiator matches
  5. But what are the really shutting down? You said you ride the subway in NYC, more people on there than all sporting events today.
  6. Is canceling sporting event going to “flatten the curve”? Why aren’t they shutting down all public transportation? More people in the big metro areas are riding vs sporting events. I guess it’s easy to say sports don’t matter. It does if your income depends on them.
  7. not everyone who gets the virus needs to go to the hospital. Leave it for the people who need it.
  8. But why focus on sporting events? Large companies are still open in the US. Just because it’s work doesn’t limit the amount of contact with others.
  9. So we should all stay at home with masks on and hand sanitizer at reach at all times
  10. I don’t think we have reliable numbers to really give a mortality rate.
  11. I don’t remember this much panic in 2009 with the swine flu. It ended up infecting 1.4 billion people with just over a half million dying. Why is this one different?
  12. You can’t treat a Virus. That’s why there are 34 million cases In the US this year and around 20,000 deaths of the of the flu. They will work on a preventive vaccine. People will still not get it like they don’t get a flu shot. Viruses will always be around but we aren’t going to have millions dead on the street.
  13. Just a question. If there is no Bifurcation of the ball and the USGA makes it a local rule, does the mean the PGA Tour does not have to use the local rule?
  14. The Yankees need to be investigated. They Had Carlos Beltran as a special advisor last year. He seems to be the one who orchestrated the scheme.
  15. All Prices include Shipping in the Continental US. No Trades at this time. 1) Ping Traverse Cart Bag. Not sure what year it’s from. No tears and all zippers work. Will ship this ground.$140 2) Mizuno CLK 4 Hybrid. Headcover included but no tool. $85 Thank you for looking.
  16. Always take mine off to play. Try not to lose it, I’m on my 3rd ring. So I just leave it at home now.
  17. Just ordered the white Air Hybrid from Dicks Sporting Goods.
  18. I still use my Vapor Edition. I will stop using it when I can get a white one
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