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  1. I have not. I just checked it out though and it looks super affordable!
  2. I always forget about about sentry world. I might make the hike out to play it this summer from michigan.
  3. Ive got a golf trip to arcadia the end of may, playing both the bluffs and south. The backing it up with American dunes the weekend after. Currently trying to book a trip to erin hills at some point. As for new courses, I have a buddy trying to get us onto meadowbrook, which im super excited about. Also I'd like to check out the UofM courses. I have never played them.
  4. Hey Everyone! Just trying to get some thoughts on this shaft comparison. I've games the ADBB 7x for years in my driver now and I still love it. I guess I'm starting to buy into the ventus hype. Would I be gaining much switching to the ventus? I would probably be looking at the blue. Just looking for some feedback! Thanks
  5. Nice! we found an open tee time the first sunday of june. Pretty excited to check it out
  6. Hey everyone! Ive got a couple cool pieces for sale today. first up: MANNKRAFTED MA66 $400 SOLD I purchased this slightly used and gamed off and on last year. It is stainless steel and was told standard loft and lie. 34 inches Next up are a set of SCRATCH AR-1 ZERO OFFSET d/s grind 4-P irons. $600 Sold This is an awesome set. Also purchased these used but in incredible condition. Gamed last summer. They have tour issue x100 with IOMIC 2.3’s that were installed last summer and still in great shape. I was also told they are standard L/L/L
  7. I personally would go MANN. He can literally make you anything you want. A lot of the newer guys just stick to a couple shapes. His prices are very reasonable as well.
  8. I booked a 4some for early june. They sounded pretty booked on the weekends
  9. Does anyone have a recommendation on a local club builder?
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