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  1. Is that the bracket in the middle? I tried to move it up or down but it wouldn’t budge
  2. Is that the bracket in the middle? I tried to move it up or down but it wouldn’t budge
  3. Anyone having issues with the stand on these? I just got mine and the legs really lag behind when I pick it up. My other hoofers snap back super fast. Any adjustments on these?
  4. Hey everyone, selling my NIB betti party on cover asking $sold shipped please let me know if you have any questions.
  5. Hey there. It is carbon. And I’ll attach a pic of toe hang.
  6. Hey everyone, I have a mannkrafted rattler for sale. It is one sweet stick. This purchased straight from Lamont. Rolled outside for one round. Rolled in the basement. Only selling because that tour hoofer has really caught my eye! 350g’s regular Loft and Lie 33 inches black finish tri sole welded neck comes with head over asking $300 shipped
  7. I know, its so brutal! I was late to the game looking for a tee time today. Totally booked up
  8. We played this past weekend also. It was in great shape. They said they aerated over a month ago which is great this time of year. Playing Northville Hills saturday. First time this year, solid track.
  9. I’m interested in this as well. Seems like a good deal!
  10. Hey everyone, Michigan guy here and its already getting pretty cold to play. Ive always wanted to head to pinehurst and I just checked it out, and their prices look pretty awesome in november. Is the weather usually playable in november? What are the golf courses like? Just looking for any information. Thanks!
  11. The fortress was awesome! First time playing there. It was in great shape. Not a mind blowing experience, but highly recommend it. It was a great value. Some holes were somewhat forgettable and kind of back and forth. But some fun ones as well. Super easy drive from metro detroit.
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