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  1. Hey everyone, selling a sim2 10.5 with a ventus velo blue 6x. Standard tipping from taylormade. Used half a season. Small top line mark on the toe side. asking $500 shipped
  2. Thinking about playing Harborside next weekend. Is one 18 better than the other?
  3. My buddy mentioned Chevy chase country club. Is this a nice course or is it pretty mediocre?
  4. Hey everyone, visiting a buddy in aurora. What are the top notch public courses within about 2 hours from there? Thanks!
  5. I would agree here. Play forest dunes twice if you can. It’s tough to pick up on all the nuance in one round. It’s an incredible place and ,y favorite course in the state. If you can get to bay harbor, that would be a fun addition to everything you’ve got going on.
  6. I originally owned this bad boy. A center strike on this guy felt so buttery!
  7. Thinking about grabbing the basic membership at OU next year. Can Any members here shed any light on how busy the course has been? Has it been pretty easy to get a tee time?
  8. If I’m playing one course on the property it’s Forest dunes. It’s one of my favorite courses I’ve ever played. The loop is fun, but not in the same category as the og.
  9. Hey everyone, Playing erin hills this weekend. Thinking about adding another 18 holes onto sunday. What would be a good place to look at? Hoping its on the way home to chicago. Not really looking to drive more north.
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