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  1. Kids PING G15 Set 3 wood 15.5, 39.5” with TFC 149 soft-R 27° hybrid, 36.75”TFC 72 shaft 31° hybrid, 36.25" TFC 72 Shaft Irons with. TFC 72 Shaft 7, 34.25 8, 33.75 W, 33.25 SW, 33" Used great shape. Not sure on a price start at $130 Taylor Made Rosa Maranello 8 CGB 33", with WINN 1.18 grip, with worn head cover Hard to find one in this shape. $70 obo Golfwrx Putter Head cover Mint condition, I never used it, magnetic closer. $30 Tak e putter and head cover for$80 All prices include shipping and paypal
  2. This is one I did, clean, clean and clean again. First few times I thought it was cleaning then I would find a spot after torching and then start over.
  3. rb83993

    TM TP Balboa

    Is this a new putter or have I missed it being released?
  4. If you can find them Adams A4 forged, I played them after my J33 CB, solid set forgiving and the forged feel.
  5. I recently picked up a Milled Collection putter with a grip pictured below. It is extremely slick feeling, is this normal for this grip? I haven't tried to clean it yet, should I lightly rub down the grip fine sandpaper?
  6. i5 would be a good choice, or G5, G10 or G15.
  7. I hate how they have changed the hole layout. The new 16,17 and 18 will not be difficult for them.
  8. I wish I would of held on to this one, TearDrop TD42
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