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  1. Kids PING G15 Set 3 wood 15.5, 39.5” with TFC 149 soft-R 27° hybrid, 36.75”TFC 72 shaft 31° hybrid, 36.25" TFC 72 Shaft Irons with. TFC 72 Shaft 7, 34.25 8, 33.75 W, 33.25 SW, 33" Used great shape. Not sure on a price start at $130 Taylor Made Rosa Maranello 8 CGB 33", with WINN 1.18 grip, with worn head cover Hard to find one in this shape. $70 obo Golfwrx Putter Head cover Mint condition, I never used it, magnetic closer. $30 Tak e putter and head cover for$80 All prices include shipping and paypal
  2. This is one I did, clean, clean and clean again. First few times I thought it was cleaning then I would find a spot after torching and then start over.
  3. rb83993

    TM TP Balboa

    Is this a new putter or have I missed it being released?
  4. If you can find them Adams A4 forged, I played them after my J33 CB, solid set forgiving and the forged feel.
  5. I recently picked up a Milled Collection putter with a grip pictured below. It is extremely slick feeling, is this normal for this grip? I haven't tried to clean it yet, should I lightly rub down the grip fine sandpaper?
  6. i5 would be a good choice, or G5, G10 or G15.
  7. I hate how they have changed the hole layout. The new 16,17 and 18 will not be difficult for them.
  8. I wish I would of held on to this one, TearDrop TD42
  9. Where is Tony located? Tony, where are you located?
  10. I am coming from 2013 Ansers, now have the G's with the modus 105. They are very smooth and when hit in the center almost have a forged feel. Don't know if its the shaft or Q Star balls that I play, regardless I shot my best score in the past 5 years with them the second time out. Great clubs for those of use that don't have time to practice or play much.
  11. Are there in side by side pictures from address?
  12. rb83993

    Ping Zing

    I picked up one years ago in a trade that Tom Slighter added a sound slot and milled the face. It was very nice and should have kept it. I moved on to "#9" style putters but you Zings a lot .
  13. The 1st version of the PING Rapture, was a rocket also love the Cobra DWS.
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