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  1. I need some expert/fitter opinions based off basic swing stats and if they think I would benefit from new irons/shafts. So I took about 3 years off and have been getting back into golf last couple months. Since coming back, I feel like my SS is down and irons launch low and no spin. Well..... This is only my second time ever to be on a LM and that was about 5-6 years ago. My 6 iron had a loose ferrel and was getting repaired, reason for my 7 iron. Here are my Irons: 714 AP2, +1/4" length, .5 degrees flat KBS Tour shafts - Stiff+ I hi s
  2. Thank you much!!! I hit the 915d2 pretty well. It has been a pretty accurate driver for me. I also had the 915d3 and not a huge fan either at the time. It was sold as I was more accurate with the d2. Have not paid any attention to golf tech in 5 to 6 years or so. Not sure on how big of a difference it has come. The t200 interested me as more of a club I could pick up once a week and be better suited for that. I will not be going to the range or playing 3x per week like I used to.
  3. Good Evening Gentleman, Sort of a reintroduction so to speak....... Took about a 5 year hiatus from golf. Got busy with our daughter and son. Competition cheer, travel soccer, now son starting tee ball. Hate to admit, have not played in about 3 years until this past Sunday. Hit about 60 balls on the range, then out to the course where I shot surprisingly well. Got a true 83 and hit it pretty good. Now I want to start playing 1 round a week as I am pretty busy with kids and work. When I was playing a lot 5 years ago, I got down to a 3.4 handicap so I would shoot 7
  4. I really like these balls and have ordered the value pack and will be rolling with these balls. I have 5 rounds under my belt with the first dozen I ordered a couple weeks ago. I have had great results and will be playing these instead of ProV1x's. I gave a sleeve away to a couple buddies and thy have nothing but positive things to say also.
  5. [quote name='countach711' timestamp='1438657219' post='12073728'] [quote name='golf slacker' timestamp='1438486731' post='12062548'] Yea something really has to be done about the logo. I actually don't mind the size or font or anything but the ink comes off very easily. Only 8 left for me after this evening. [/quote] Maybe this has been solved. I haven't had it happen with any of my latest balls, it was only the first ones so maybe you got an old batch. [/quote] +1 I Played 29 holes with one ball before I lost it and the logos did not show the slightest hint of fading or anything. It
  6. I can elaborate quite a bit. I got a D2 in November with the Rogue Black x-flex shaft in it. Out of curiosity, I bought the D3 with the Rogue 125msi 70tx in it. I have played many many rounds with both. For me, the 125msi shaft is the winner by far and I use it with both heads. Both shafts are cut to play at 44.5" and I have the black weight in head to bring SW back up to stock. As crazy as it sounds I go back and forth here and there. I have not had them both on the launch monitor to compare, but I can tell the D3 is lower spinning. When hit flush, I seem to hit it a little further t
  7. I know this is a stupid question, but do all Scotty putters come with a certificate of authenticity? I see guys get them when they send in potters so I did not know if that was for a current release new putter also.
  8. Well, I bought an X5R yesterday off the rack and I love this putter. I was lucky enough to to do well in a tournament and get a size able pro shop credit. There was nothing I really needed and it was burning a hole in my pocket. I have been struggling lately with putting so what the heck!!!! I always have played cheaper blade style putters not thinking or giving much attention to the putter. I have never even hit a Scotty before buying this off the rack. Maybe lightning in a bottle or a honeymoon period but I have never rolled the ball so good as I did yesterday. My distance control was
  9. I got in another 18 with the ball today and once again it is very very good and I really like this ball. I have shot 3 really good rounds with this ball. I played 2 balls tonight and played with a Calloway Chrome Soft in the other ball. This ball is a hair longer off the tee, feels 100% better off irons, more green side spin, and feels much better coming off the putter face than the Chrome Soft. Call me bias as I am not a fan at all of the Chrome Soft but it does not even compare to MTB. I will be ordering the value pack in the next week or so once I run out!
  10. Hey guys, I just wanted to post my results from the dozen I received last week. I played 36 holes this past weekend and played the ball for the first time. I had an "on" weekend and was actually able to use 1 ball for 27 holes. The ball looked great before I lost it, but durability I thought was there. I did show a few small marks from full wedge shots on it but nothing too serious! As far as performance goes, it is a great ball and equal to or better than the "high end" balls. I have played mostly Titleist and this falls right in between the v1 and v1x as far as feel goes. I don't c
  11. Well, I was all excited yesterday as my delivery of the MTB came and had plans to go play 9 after work with a buddy. Of course, it rained last night and did not get to go out. I am playing in a 2 day tournament this weekend and will go ahead and put them in play. All I did was look at the balls and packaging at night. I thought they looked great, logo size or My Tour Ball didn't bother me too much. I guess if the font was a little smaller it might look better as some have hinted at on here. It is the little things that matter and everything from the packaging to the hand written note fr
  12. [quote name='Twitch12' timestamp='1437335621' post='11979538'] Personally think sevierville is better than River Island. Both are decent though. [/quote] Right now it is not even close. Sevierville is way better than River Islands. River islands is rough compared to what it use to be. I would take the back roads over to Patriot Hills in Jefferson City and play that second behind Sevierville River Course. Pretty good course for the price and more playable than Gattlinburg. Take River Islands from a handful of years ago and it is a different story. That course in its prime was legit!!
  13. Hey Dean, just curious of how long you will have the value pack for? I am ordering a dozen today. I am going to play a few rounds with them and if I like them I am going to go ahead and order the value pack. I am not super picky when it comes to balls so I have a feeling these will perform as good as Titleist or Bridgestone I play! BTW, I think it is great that a founder of a company is on here answering questions about their product. I really like supporting small businesses that do things the right way!
  14. Hey guys, is there anybody out there that plays AP2's and have hit these a good bit. These irons look great and I am in the market for some new irons this fall. I love my 714 AP2's but I like the look of these also. I assume the ie's will be a little more forgiving?
  15. Good to hear!!!! I am digging the River course right now and is my favorite layout around. It is tough and a lot more demanding off the tee box than River Island. For us locals it is only $34 after 1 pm and at that rate it is by far the best value around. The first 3 or 4 holes can eat you up and then after that it gets a little easier. The food is actually pretty good in the club house and $2 drafts after your round is a plus!!!!
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