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  1. BPH..... you're absolutely correct. I should have been more cordial and I apologize to anyone that was offended. As I said above I do not want to fight nor mud sling. I have no intention of doing that. My name was brought into this thread and some mean and untrue things were said. I simply should've not replied at all. That being said this will be my last post in this thread. I will not reply any further. I don't know what else I can say.
  2. [quote name='PutterKilledTheDream' timestamp='1403640416' post='9568499'] Wow a bit defensive there Joe? I've made no lies about you chief and I don't know you other than the impressions you've given to me based on your actions over time. You've been dodging me for years so yes, there's a reason I don't 'know' you.. maybe you saw me as competition or maybe you're just pissed because I called you out when you represent yourself as an expert here and blast members on other outlets. Glad you've had success with your Trackman but nothing I've said isn't exactly what many others are thinking ...
  3. Wow....reading thru this thread has been quite educational. Until today I never knew that I told anyone to hit up with an iron. I never knew that I recently began to "teach"....notice the quotation marks. I never knew that I was greedy and that Grant taught me everything and I then screwed up everything for myself. I can assure you my bank account says differently. And yes....I admit that im not PGA. However I wont waste anyone's time listing all the great teachers that arent PGA either. And no I never did play on Tour. I guess Bill Belichick better resign from the Patriots effective immediate
  4. [quote name='Fort Worth Pro' timestamp='1384567242' post='8156116'] [quote name='CarySchoen' timestamp='1384558689' post='8155424'] [quote name='Finbarr Saunders' timestamp='1384551799' post='8154960'] [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPLwY4nLWZ0[/media] [/quote] [color=#282828]I have something that might interest you. I went to a Trackman Users Convention a few weeks ago and the teaching Team of Grant Waite and Joe Mayo were the featured speakers. They gave a wonderful talk about how they use Trackman in their lessons. They are both obviously very bright gentleman, and they BOTH
  5. Monte, I tried to reply to your email....but both times it came back as undeliverable??
  6. To the OP....I teach and have taught several PGA Tour players and I have hard data on what the best in the world do with their wedges. If you're interested email me at [email protected]
  7. [quote name='Golfinnova' timestamp='1371785634' post='7294922'] A couple of options: Tom Sheely is part of the Waite/Mayo group and teaches at Boulder Creek with Flightscope. Bob May has his academy over at Silverstone and teaches exclusively with Trackman. Can't go wrong with either one! [/quote] Hi Golfinnova....actually Tom Sheely is not part of Waite Mayo. He is our good friend however.
  8. [quote name='Go_Time' timestamp='1371787914' post='7295146'] Here's another question...who is NOT a stack and tilt instructor? Edit: not like it matter, wont be able to afford any of these guys anyways. [/quote] Hi Go Time....yes I'm a Trackman owner. No I'm not a stack and tilt teacher. As for being in high demand, I'm just very fortunate and grateful that people seem to like the information I teach. As I said above, I'd highly recommend Jeff Smith if you want top notch instruction with Trackman.
  9. Thanks to each of you that recommended me...I truly appreciate that. To the OP, I have no time available for the next month or so. Thus, I'd highly suggest Jeff Smith....Gator Hater on these forums.
  10. I'll be in Nashville tomorrow for 8 days. Let me know if you want to discuss further....
  11. [quote name='jhudi' timestamp='1368997207' post='7064804'] im in jackson home course is jackson national and jackson cc [/quote] Hey Jhudi....I'm from Jackson, Tn. How's the country club these days?
  12. [quote name='HackerD ' timestamp='1368138776' post='7002066'] Thanks steve. I'm pretty sure offset has an effect on tendency to fade/slice. Excerpt from Tom Wishon column: [left][i][size=4]The more offset in the clubhead, [/size][/i][u][size=4][b]the more time the golfer has on the downswing to rotate the face of the clubhead back around in order to arrive at impact closer to being square to the target line[/b][color=#333333][b].[/b][/color][/size][/u][i][size=4][color=#333333] In other words, offset can help a golfer come closer to squaring the face at impact because the clubface arri
  13. If you're in the market for $125 per hour for expert instruction with Trackman included, Jeff Smith and his partner Mario Bevilacqua are in Vegas. Fantastic instructors.....
  14. If you're consistently in the center or slightly high center and spin it like you do, then you have a spin loft problem....period. Your AoA is far too down. Am I correct that your smash factor is 1.41 or so?
  15. BTW....and I hope you aren't offended, your spin issue will not be corrected by a new shaft nor driver. Don't buy into anyone's hype. You simply need better impact alignments.
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