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  1. Seriously? On a day where mod lock and delete is in high gear, you start an AK thread?
  2. I noticed a particular mid has been on a thread lock tear in Tour Talk today. A thread was created addressing this which has been since deleted by an mod. What is the specific criteria for thread locks and deletes? Why do we not have an accountability metric for mods? Can we institute a policy where mods locking deleting etc are required to electronically sign their work? Their work very often negatively impacts enjoyment of this site while taking an above reproach attitude with regard to their work.
  3. He looks so scared on his short game shots, he reminds me of another Duvall.
  4. [quote name='502 to Right' timestamp='1422665191' post='10852893'] We don't need 90 senseless Tiger threads. He stunk it up in the Waste Management Open so you can post your thoughts in that thread. [/quote] You just posted your thoughts here. we are validated. Edit: But seriously there's no need for thread locking. if a thread is superfluous it will fade by natural selection. let nature run it's course.
  5. [quote name='nbg352' timestamp='1422663429' post='10852701'] [i]My goodness, that pic made me forget all about golf for a few minutes.[/i] [i]And I'm smiling. Huh................[/i] [/quote] You know, sometimes it takes something like this to really put an 82 in perspective.
  6. [quote name='smiley9929' timestamp='1422662799' post='10852645'] [attachment=2594849:lauren-thompson-01.jpg]let's make this post really lock-worthy [/quote] okay. i wasn't a fan before. but....
  7. [quote name='MadGolfer76' timestamp='1422662524' post='10852613'] Countdown to this thread ending up in "Courses, Membership and Travel." You guys think I am kidding...but just wait for it. [/quote] I wonder if Wrx would be open to a Mod grading system. Maybe I should post that question in Website Help, News & Feedback. I mean, one person could ruin the GolfWrx experience for so many. Most businesses have accountability controls. Food for thought.
  8. Mind... Blown..... poooowwww.....
  9. It's Tour Talk, not Tour Lock, right? A Tour Talk Thread about the Tour Talk Forum where we Talk about the Tour and our talking about the tour... So, meta.
  10. [quote name='Pepperturbo' timestamp='1422658712' post='10852123'] I suspect TW is getting way too much angry sex, which is killing his athletic ability. [/quote] I think this phenomenon only occurs for the Prison Golf Team.
  11. [quote name='highergr0und' timestamp='1422654535' post='10851597'] Can they take majors away? [/quote] No. But this is interesting. Chapter 17 Section 8 Subsection 10 of the FanBois Rule Book states that "in the event of an 82 or greater, any references to 2001 will be rendered null and void when used as the basis of a prediction for future majors." Subsection 11a states "the immediate invocation of the loss of Earl Woods, should be used to excuse any claims voided by the '82 clause."'
  12. I hate to thread jack, but am I the only one who saw the thread title and expected a letter to Penthouse Pet?
  13. [quote name='502 to Right' timestamp='1422653812' post='10851495'] [quote name='monkeynaut' timestamp='1422651969' post='10851287'] [quote name='502 to Right' timestamp='1422649636' post='10850935'] [quote name='ej002' timestamp='1422638711' post='10849269'] My source said Tinder set up as well. [/quote] So a little prostitution action for Mr. Allenby? [/quote] Tinder isn't prostitution. It's casual sex. Unless, you're a loser. Then it's a stolen credit card. Maybe she was expecting a better pro golfer and drugged him So she wouldn't have to put out. [/quote] Tinder is a front
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