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  1. Theres really no formula......I do know being a low hdcp and that perspective is totally different than one from a mid or up......you dont have many to give back to field and everything counts.....same as ballstriking perception, most think they flush it all the time and when you get better you realize how many mishits they'r are in a round.....I myself cant play G400 type clubs but totally understand the benefit......play whatever you think is gonna work.....and perceptions are very different depending on where your coming from (VERY DIFFERENT)! you can always go back Monitors reviews are worthless for me.....mishit a blade and G400 and there is a difference, I've done it and seen it......without a doubt GI are easier to hit, if it's easier for you idk.... Start smacking the toe, or high on face and see what happens. Lol........small mis maybe not but big miss definetly
  2. I remember seeing 900 tour pics 2 yrs b4 being released.....gonna have to wait awhile for these babies.......wasnt a fan of MP18 line......still rockn MP69/MP54 gladly
  3. Why golf rangefinders are 5x cost of hunting ones is beyond me, they dont do anything much different.........they just know golfers are suckers.........found hunting ones that do everything my $400 bushnell does for $99..........cept jolt when flag is hit, lol Yeah that worth an extra $300, haha I am the sucker this time Better believe when this one craps out tho I will not buy another golf specific one........
  4. People just get offended way way too easily......usually it has nothing to do with what people get offended about. Lol......... Think people just scour social and media to look for something to be pissed off at
  5. Buy a hunting range finder.....same specs for way way less money
  6. Windex has ammonia, I used just about everything and scrubbing them abbrasiveley and aggressively with hot water and soap has worked best (stiffest brush you can find).....sandpaper removes the skin if it's already gotten to that point You will physically see oils and dirt come off and go down drain, lol..............seriously A fresh tour velvet is still best feeling...... Thank God their still reasonable to replace
  7. Dont think anyone has forged a iron on U.S.A. in along time, just as well the forging press could give a f#$% what country its planted at......its process and QC that are relevant regardless where made...... Mizuno is only domestic brand that is in japan and propeirity.......maybe honma too since their going domestic now.......... Hard to go wrong with mizuno if you like the looks!
  8. I wash em in sink with stiff nylon scrub brush and dish soap.......best way to clean grips imo.....keep em clean they last long time.......if they get a slick skin on em you can use sandpaper and than wash em in sink and they'll come back
  9. SF TP 2.0 Was my last really good driver.....but my M5 seems to be as good if not a lil bit easier......I had all M2 and M4 bit my M5 Is working so much better.....i think cuz it sits really open like my SF TP did...... But that burner driver was a beast! I fight a hook as well
  10. I dont mind black but dont really look for them either....for up charge OEMS want I just play std chrome/satin....I dont see why a club that is black is more than chrome.....you have to do one or other so it's not like it's an extra step.......cobra has had their clubs black, ADAMS, actually quite a few have as stock club black irons.....the wedges dont usually cost more if their black ...... But I guess it's all the rage these days so they capitalize on it...
  11. Most ferrules are pretty tight lot of times epoxy will be slippery enough to get it up there And sometimes I just use head of the wedge to ram it up into place....and sometimes both.... Only a few times I couldnt... heat works or can....I have drilled ferrules early on to get em to work (probably not recommended but it works)....maybe prep the tip a bit more with sandpaper...... They usually will go with epoxy and head of club...slam it on floor lightly butt end of shaft down... Trick is with stubborn ferrules is make sure you either have or know if you need tip weights....if not you have to bring ferrule back down 1/16 or so and that's a real PITA
  12. I loved PX flighted shafts even more so than std PX....they do feel a bit light but play much much better... I have a std and flgtd now and no comparison for me..... Why they stopped idk.....its not just a European thing, lol
  13. Ot just this thread but many like em and golfers just think way way too much!! Golf is like anything else in life...it takes a buttload of time and practice to get good.
  14. Can buy a roll of lead tape for like $8 and remove it whenever you want.....not permanent
  15. Are you kidding bro?...lol Your swing is more concerning than any club....those things are brand new What do you think they'll look like in 1 yr....and dont tell me you use iron headcovers!
  16. Remember this forever in your golfing career...."one day is one day" Sure you'll be fine, body can adapt to alot and has too...so as long your kn ballpark you'll get used to em over time..... Your not a robot
  17. Yep......if it has a ferrule remove it first same as anything
  18. I dont know how far I carry it (dont use monitors) but know I am 100-105 SS and drive ball 270-300 on good hits....our fwys are prolly bit on firmer side I get ALOT of roll, I hit very penetrating mid flight draw....so maybe 230-250 carry and ball runs like a gazelle running from lion, lol If I dont hit it well it's about 240-260....I can be inconsistent at times
  19. Agreed......getting weight correct and similar flex between irons and wedges is good.....some people are different and I am one of those that likes wedges bit heavier than irons but not dg 130 gr vs 114 I have in irons I am going to go 115 in wedges and keep SW up to normal... Sometimes you just have to try....test, adjust, test, adjust...etc... Sound like a good start tho
  20. exactly.....I've never used a heat gun....always use a torch, and always remove ferrule first (with torch, lol)....
  21. Yeah your defeating purpose of what tour issue is all about....its knowing what you have and what you need Just get a lower lofted M3....should be fine.....
  22. My buddy has z565 and I have onoff 2017 (I dont play em anymore tho)....the onoff are gi clubs for sure...they dont have a springy thin face like srixons but they arent small and have big cavity and thickish topline.... Pretty easy to hit actually..... The older onoffs were more player cb from what i hear Srixons prolly still go farther on mishits, but on center strikes idk....i hit onoffs almost club longer than players CBS Onoff is probably one best feeling CB's I've hit.....pure out of center tho The onoff is not that compact, I thought it would be but its same as 919f or somewhere close
  23. haha, but the electric blower is the best to loosen up old grip tape.....epoxy on the other hand. NO GO, we use to much time, so we spread the heat to the shaft, while a torch is faster and more easy to control on direction to where we apply heat, so HEADs is Torch no matter shafts, both steel and graphite, and a old second hand hairdryer to soften the glue under old grip tape....the torch is not so good for that job.... Oh absolutely a hair dryer for tape/glue is great. But every time I see someone in this forum say they use a heat gun for shafting it makes me want to pull my hair out. I use a torch for everything, even grip tape, it's not that hard....works well and works fast Torch is by far easiest way
  24. Kyoei is brand Thought honma TW 727(?) were cold and hot forged....read it in their marketing I believe....I had them and they were bit denser than mizzy....not quite as soft but by no means harsh....still very good....
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