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  1. Glad I'm not the only one. Seems like a perfectly nice guy, but grating as a golf commentator.
  2. I got my mixed set Aug 2019. Six months or so in I swapped MMC 9 for MB, so my set is 5-6 HMB, 7-8 MMC and 9-P MB. If anything I might go 6 MMC if I had to do it over again but not in a rush to change at all. This is my second set of Mizuno, I bought a used set of MP18 MMC with 5-6 Fli-Hi (= MP20 HMB). Honestly the 18s just as impressive, I like the 20 MB for 9 and P, though. No regrets, I have not considered other irons since getting this set. Another important consideration, I did the smart thing and got fit for this set. I doubt I will switch irons for years to come, (almost)
  3. I'm not a rules expert in the least but try to "play it as it lies" and generally honor the spirit of the game. For amateur weekend warriors like myself you have to balance playing strictly by the rules (when most players, self included, are not experts) with not slowing down play. For PGA, it's fair to expect play to honor the rules. I watched the replay this morning. Only Reed can speak to if his ball was embedded. What stands out to me is the first thing he said to the official, after having picked up his ball, was no one saw it bounce... implication seeming to be "therefore the
  4. Had numerous drivers and fw, starting with the Ignite line (still have two 3 woods, a 5 and 7 lol), VPC irons and carry Engage TS 60 with a backup and a versatile grind model. And TS and versatile 56, don't bag those, though. Don't see anything replacing the TS 60.
  5. I wasn't planning to watch just because I feel like I know the story well enough, essentially witnessing it about as long as I can remember, being almost exactly 4 years older than TW. I had all the SIs (still do) and remember recording the unbelievable Pebble Beach US Open on the VCR (look that up, kids ;)). This discussion led me to watch on HBO max this weekend. Main conclusion is nothing at all shocking, I do think Tiger is a sympathetic figure. I've evolved over the years; initially I viewed the guy with disdain. His daughter was born several weeks after my own, first child f
  6. I'll echo the Cobra F9 tour model. I also have the F8 non-tour, love it also. But the F9 may be the best feeling and just coolest or at least favorite club I've owned to date. Complete confidence off the tee. Like fairway woods generally I'm not automatic with it off the deck but have hit some bombs without the advantage of a tee.
  7. I'll probably give this a shot. Have owned all Cobra drivers since original King LTD, and still have it. F7 was meh for me, F8+ was solid, F9 set a whole new standard. Picked up a Speedzone late spring and moved it quickly thank goodness. Sound and feel a big step down relative to F8+ and F9. No better performance, probably interior to Fs and LTD for me. Tried 5 shafts in SZ, just wasn't a match. So I'm gun-shy but that blue looks nice . If I was smart I'd get fit but lucked in to perfect set ups with both F8+ and F9 stock.
  8. Big Cobra fan too. That's one of the ugliest putters I've ever seen. Hard pass.
  9. Baker-Finch and Immelman to me are terrible. Michelle Wie on the streaming broadcast likewise unlistenable. Buuuut it's the Masters in a pandemic year, and very grateful to have had it. Johnson made it boring, in an "easy" setting his dominance was another level.
  10. I have MP20 HMB 5-6, 7-8 MMC and 9-P MB. When I first got the set, I had MMC 9 iron but after a few months decided I wanted to try it in MB, and that was a good move. The MMC are great sticks, I felt the 9 and P are a tad large. My mix is perfect for me.
  11. I have a mixed set of MP-20s as well. 5-6 HMB, 7-8 MMC, 9-P MB. You should be excited. Great set, no doubt you'll be very happy when you have your set. Enjoy!
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