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  1. I have a mixed set of MP-20s as well. 5-6 HMB, 7-8 MMC, 9-P MB. You should be excited. Great set, no doubt you'll be very happy when you have your set. Enjoy!
  2. I have the F8 3 and it's a sweet FW. After adding the F9 driver in place of the F8+ driver with favorable results I picked up an F9 3 tour and it's become about my favorite club in the bag. Can't seem to miss with it, especially off the tee... it's a cannon. I do think the F8 is easier off the deck, which is counter to what their respective designs would suggest. Tend to hit low shots with the F9 off the turf. But so good as a fairway finder.
  3. Cobra F9 3-4 Tour with Hzrdus Smoke 6.0. Bought this summer having never hit one (coming from F8 non-tour model). F8 has been very good to me but F9 is un-be-lievable.
  4. I used the code to try this product based on the initial giveaway. It's definitely a unique feel, from the tacky palm to the outer mesh. I agree with others who observe it runs a hair small. I ordered a cadet medium, which is what I wear for other gloves (bionic brand the past few years). Have only played two rounds, but no major complaints. The glove still looks brand new. Temps not high enough to gauge sweat but the palm being so tacky is sure to reduce the effects of sweat. The glove is also thin enough such that several holes I haven't even bothered to take it off when putting. That's a pl
  5. I've been a Cobra driver ho since the King LTD, only skipped F6. Didn't think anything could top the F8+, then I tried the F9. When the SZ came out, I hoped for the same level up. Oof. Tried SZ with 4 different shafts, it was a dog for me. Sound/feel alone are a big step back IMO but the results as well, I need to stay heads down and not look at any driver for another couple years.
  6. I added the F9 Tour 3-4 with Hzrdus black 6.0 and love it, best feeling fairway wood and performs great most of the time (still in honeymoon phase). With F9 driver, I've put the stock Atmos blue against a few other models (Aldila MS Rogue 110, Chrome Elements, Mitsubishi Diamana white). Nothing can overtake Atmos. With the success of the tour 3, interested in others' experiences with F9 driver + Hzrdus. TIA!
  7. I've had every Cobra driver since the LTD, currently using F9 9 degree played at +1.5. Had a chance to test SZ 9 with Aldila Silver Rogue, my F9's Atmos Blue, Diamana blue band and Matrix Black Tie. Having seen some of the videos comparing the two, I was prepared that the sound and feel of SZ might be a step back. None of the other shafts stood out, so I stuck with the the Rogue on the course. In fairness, I popped one about 270 which is 30-40 yards above average for me. On a different hole, actually the first of the day with the F9, 286 down the middle. Back to feel/sound, I was actually shoc
  8. My S62 arrived yesterday, thank you Discount Dan's. Side by side (62 left) it doesn't look that much larger, but that little bit extra seems significant in a good way. The gorilla glass face makes it feel very high quality indeed. Functionality more sophisticated as well, I'm a bit of a gadget geek I guess. Love the S60, but this model seems next level. Did a test for a round and that seems fast and really good as well. Having the bunkers and other hazard distances is a huge upgrade. Battery life has been noted as a benefit also. Last night when I turned it in was 97% after about 3 hours of "p
  9. Had it, hated the texture. Different strokes for different folks. I put babolat tennis racquet grip tape, that was much better. Eventually though I realized it wasn't any better than my go to Pure big dog model that's less than half the cost. Eventually on this site of course I discovered the Sense grip and have used for a good while. Far better feel (texture) than the Gravity grip. For me the Sense gives me confidence but at the cost I do not plan to use if (when, lol) I change putters again.
  10. I've used golfshot for years. It's very good at tracking stats and scores. The visual for hole layout is severely lacking it seems to me. Too small. Had heard of the grint but never tried it. Just downloaded this weekend and will give it a shot next time I play. For reference here's how the first hole at a course I play regularly displays. In this regard at least grint seems superior. GS wastes so much real estate. Hoping to try out grint this weekend.
  11. I've gamed the original chrome since it came out, automatic off the tee and better off the deck than any hybrid for me. Perfect transition club for me from 3w to 1-degree strong 5 iron.
  12. Loft and flex of the SpeedZone and SpeedZone Xtreme drivers you want to test? 10.5 with stock shafts, stiff.What is the biggest factor in buying a new driver? I want to feel I'm getting a driver that will improve on my current model; have owned all Cobra drivers since King LTD, currently gaming F9.Do you adjust your drivers after buying? Typically. I play the F9 9 degree +1.0Current Driver Setup? Cobra F9 9 with stock Atmos stiffWere you fit for that driver? YesDo you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Yes
  13. Can confirm also. I reached out to Discount Dan's late April or so about adding an MP20 9 MB to match my set ordered last summer, down to the serial #. Was given 2-4 week window, got it in 2. Couldn't be happier with Mizuno and DD for the service, price and quick order completion.
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