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  1. Looking heads without browning to build minimalist set. If missing a head, that’s ok. Let me know what you have thanks.
  2. Shoulder surgery in 3 weeks will require a significant hiatus from the game. Looking to sell the following. Shipping Conus, add $15 for shipping east of Mississippi. Deals for multiple items. Not looking for trades. Thank you for looking. 1). Epic Flash, sub zero, 9.0, Even Flow-6.5 x, plays 45.25. Great condition, no head cover, $SOLD 2). Epic Flash, 3W+, 13.5*, hazardous smoke 70g 6.0, plays 43.5”, w/headcover, great condition, $SOLD 3). Rogue Driver, 10.5, Rogue 110 MSI 60-3.1-X, plays 46”, no headcover, good condition, $175, head only $110 4). Rogue 3W, 15*
  3. Sorry didn’t see your pm, yes set is still available. Thanks Matt
  4. US only, paypal, send your zip for shipping estimate. Thx #1. PXG 0211 Iron Set 4-LW—10 clubs 1/2 in. Over standard - 5i @ 38.75 1* flat Tour elevate stiff GP jumbo Tour Wrap overall nice condition minor face wear and bag chatter $800---NOW $695+shipping—now $650 + shipping #2. Titleist 917 D2-9.5* Ahina 72 Stiff Shaft std length matching head cover sandy ball / sky mark visible on crown over good condition + shipping-------NOW combo w/915 f3 = Sold #3. Titleist 915 F3-15* Diamana 70 stiff
  5. ZSelling and shipping Conus, payment via paypal. pM with questions. Shipping east of Mississippi River add $10. Thank you Trade interest Epic flash 9* or TM M5 9* #1). Cobra Tec Forged Single Length,5-gw & SW, LW (not tec Heads only), steelfiber 110 stiff, 5&6 @ 37.75, 7,8&9 @ 37.5, pw&gw @ 37.25, some finish wear, but in good condition. I have only some range time on them, purchased from another wrx member 7 clubs & 2 Heads —Sold #2). 1-Iron Single Length Iron Set, 3-GW, regular shafts, 37.5”, lamkin oversized grips. Like new condition-$195–now$175w #3). Bridgestone
  6. Yes, with pics is the badges and faces of the gw, 9, 6 irons-which is the irons with the most visible wear.
  7. Wilson, V6 iron set, 4-GW, AMT S300, Std LLL, 7i=37", Staff Lamkin grip, typical bag chatter, faces show modest use, but over all clean, Please note: several badges have nicks and club abrasions, faces are clean. Try these soft Forged irons—8 clubs for $295+freight. Cosmetically not perfect (badges and chatter) but the faces are in good shape. Thank again for your consideration. pin 4/22
  8. Interested in 1-length set, what kind of trades would you consider.
  9. Selling Conus, Shipped upon receipt of paypal. No negative feedback from previous best listings. Pm with any questions. Shipping from California. For Sale: Iron Heads Only- Mizuno MP 18 MMC FLI HI 6 & 5, very good condition, minor bag chatter, 5 iron has green paint Fill $60/each or $100/pair. Lower center picture and top right picture.
  10. #FS/FT: 1st post since the site update, had 50+ positive feedback w/no issues. Pricing includes shipping CONUS, Colorado-West add $10 for single club or $15 for iron set. I ship promptly upon receipt of paypal. PM with questions, i will attempt to respond quickly in order or receipt. Thank you! #1. Mizuno MP18 SC/MMC Hi Fli Combo 5-PW, good condition, light use, minimal bag chatter. $395--Now $350 7-PW: SC's w/steelfiber-i95R +1/2" & GP Tour wrap grips 6 iron: MMC Hi Fli w/steelfiber-i95R +1/2" & GP tour wrap grip 5 iron: MMC Hi Fli w/PX LZ 6.0, standard length, GP dual mc
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