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  1. Same issue here. All came 1/4 inch short of what I wanted. Oh well. Reshafting anyway.
  2. I was spinning x100s too much. Went to graphite to fix. Weird but it worked for me.
  3. You would be surprised at the differences within 1 set of DG or PX. The tolerances are pretty high. Add in head weight tolerances and you can end up with some wacky stuff. Have your local clubfitter test the frequency (properly) of each shaft and you'll see what I mean.
  4. Have you hit it yet? Love to hear a review. Maybe you could submit it that new golf channel design show?
  5. I am also interested in the OD of the stock ferrules.
  6. Diamana ilima/ red board. Pro launch blue gets another vote as well.
  7. Lightweight graphite is the future my friend. Get on board and don't be ashamed.
  8. Well the Nunchuck isn't just a heavy, counterbalanced shaft. The premise is that it "does not flex" therefore giving you more consistent results. As far as I know, there are no other shafts that claim this. However, your results are not surprising. Almost everyone I have talked to that has that shaft does not hit it longer than other shafts, but they hit it straight.
  9. And you should be measuring swing speed on trackman. I think my clubhead speed is 130 with a 7iron at pga superstore...
  10. Keep in mind that swing weight is not total weight. Sounds like you are on the right track though, with different weight distribution between different shafts.
  11. I have not hit those irons. But I have hit the orochi on a few occasions. I have only hit it indoors but the feel what great and the numbers I got were fantastic, ball speed on particular. I expected it to be pretty flimsy feeling but I was pleasantly surprised.
  12. As always, it depends on your own launch characteristics. But in theory, I would suggest starting with the black tie.
  13. Price includes shipping to CONUS. I have a set of Mizuno MP4 heads for sale tonight. Set is 4-PW and are 1.5 degrees upright. They are in very good shape and show signs of light use. Minor bag chatter also. Overall very good shape here. Asking $400 shipped CONUS Thanks for looking!
  14. 1 item up for sale tonight. 915f 15 degree head only. Comes with authentic titleist adapter. No wrench and no headcover but I will protect for shipping. Head shows minor wear from light use. Overall in great shape. Asking $125 shipped CONUS
  15. I am reshafting some AP2s and was wondering if anyone could shed some light as to what is in the bottom of the hosel? It is in all of the irons and I havent had much luck getting it out. Also, there is something in the end of the shafts too (x100s). That is what is confusing me. I thought it just might be a tip weight that got stuck but it looks like the tip weight is still in the shaft? Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Scor wedges are great. Just double check your lofts and lies when you get em.
  17. [quote name='rockford35' timestamp='1417615043' post='10535767'] [quote name='World'sGreatestHacker' timestamp='1417583057' post='10534929'] I shipped recently cuz I guy offered 25 above what I was asking. Did it. Ends up he paid in canadian dollars so I only got 10 more $ US. And it cost me 35 to ship..... [/quote] That, my kind sir, is weak on his/her part. Please don't lump all Canadians in with the horror show you had to experience here. That's beyond ridiculous. If I might ask, why didn't you just not ship it until you were sent the correct payment amount? I know sometimes one jus
  18. Has anyone changed the paintfill on the black sm5 wedges? I am worried that the acetone used to remove paint will damage the finish. Thnx!
  19. I shipped recently cuz I guy offered 25 above what I was asking. Did it. Ends up he paid in canadian dollars so I only got 10 more $ US. And it cost me 35 to ship.....
  20. He was holding it as an arm lock. Not sure what model it was but it was a scotty. BVP did the same with a scotty earlier in the year too
  21. Has anyone ever tried to use epoxy paint to give a putter a matte black finish? Also, what are some other options to get an aftermarket, maintenance-free, black finish on a stainless steel putter?
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