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  1. Has anyone ever tried to use epoxy paint to give a putter a matte black finish? Also, what are some other options to get an aftermarket, maintenance-free, black finish on a stainless steel putter?
  2. Happy Thanksgiving all! As always, first to Paypal gets the item. Shipping to CONUS included. 1st up is a Tour Striker Pro 7 iron. $50 shipped. Next is a Rife Barbados black. Well taken care of, no dings or anything. Just some normal wear on the sole. 35 inches. Headcover included. $50 shipped. Third is a Rife Abaco Tropical finish. Used for 1 round. Like New. 34 inches. Headcover included. $75 shipped. Last is a Fubuki Alpha 60x5ct x flex driver shaft with Adams tip. No scratches or chips. Measures 45" from butt to end of tip. $75 shipped. Any questions, just shoot me a PM. Only tra
  3. Possibly a newb question so keep the flaming to a minimum. Is there any finish on top of the stainless steel of a 2008-2011 scotty studio select? Or is it just polished SS?
  4. What are some putters that are similar in head shape to the scotty cameron squareback? I love the smaller heel to toe mallets like that. Thanks all!
  5. Can't you just order them to the same specs as your current irons? Im confused...
  6. Thanks for looking. No trades please. First is a brand new in wrapper Rife Bimini Tropical Finish putter. 35" with headcover. Price is $80 shipped CONUS. Last is a set of Adams XTD Forged Wedges. 52,56,60. 1/4 inch over length and 1 degree upright. KBS Tour X shafts. Not interested in splitting. Price is $150 shipped CONUS for all 3.
  7. I have an Oban Kiyoshi purple in mine and absolutely kill it!
  8. Ahhhhhh I see. Guess I shouldve done some research before pulling the trigger. Thanks wrxers!
  9. Yes I had old midsize and got a new midsize. The size isnt the issue though, I am disappointed that they changed the shape so much. Its not even the same grip
  10. When did they change the shape? The one I picked up 2 years ago, is very flat on top with fairly sharp edges. Just got another one last week and the edges top are wayyyyy softer, much more rounded off. Anyone know where I could find the older one? It fits into the crease of my hand so much better.
  11. 2 Pairs of Footjoy flat front pants size 38x32. Just am not going to get around to tailoring them. The khaki pair was worn 1 time. No stains,tears, bed bugs, etc... Black pair is NWOT. Looking for $55 shipped each or $100 for both. Thanks for looking!
  12. Obans play fairly soft to flex imo so tipping is a good idea.
  13. Cheap way to go would be for the tour wrap 2g. They can be a little slick barehanded but just wipe off and it's perfect again. And absolutely will not slip with glove.
  14. I have found a lot of conflicting info on this topic so I thought I would try again. Does anyone know what the standard tip trim recommendation is for Oban shafts (in particular the Kiyoshi Purple) when installing in a Taylormade sleeve? I sent an email to Oban but have not heard anything yet....
  15. I am a huge fan but make sure that you get one with some offset. For instance, the odyssey arm locks are just belly putter that were lofted up so it still has the same offset as a regular belly. The kuchar bettinardi has 2.5 shaft offset which is a S-Ton but it is necessary for this style. Without the offset it is much more difficult to aim and get comfortable in your setup. Also can get you to start hooding the face too much without the offset.
  16. [quote name='Wolfie55' timestamp='1399280707' post='9233695'] Any interest in an odyssey protype ix #1 putter for this?? [/quote] not really interested in trades unless it is an x flex 3 wood shaft with 913f tip. Thank you for the offer though.
  17. One item this evening. First to paypal gets it. Price includes paypal and shipping to conus. Callaway X2Hot 15 degree fairway wood with Oban Revenge 8 in 05 flex. Club has been used for less than 2 weeks. Hard to tell its even been hit. Custom order for this would be over 400 bucks. Looking for $250obo shipped. Sorry for dark pictures but its like new. Thanks for looking!
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