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  1. [quote name='Wolfie55' timestamp='1399280707' post='9233695'] Any interest in an odyssey protype ix #1 putter for this?? [/quote] not really interested in trades unless it is an x flex 3 wood shaft with 913f tip. Thank you for the offer though.
  2. One item this evening. First to paypal gets it. Price includes paypal and shipping to conus. Callaway X2Hot 15 degree fairway wood with Oban Revenge 8 in 05 flex. Club has been used for less than 2 weeks. Hard to tell its even been hit. Custom order for this would be over 400 bucks. Looking for $250obo shipped. Sorry for dark pictures but its like new. Thanks for looking!
  3. [quote name='runpuddrun' timestamp='1397012802' post='9051607'] .370 [/quote] That can't be right can it? .370 in a Fairway wood?
  4. What is up with the hosel size on these fairway woods? Its supposed to be .335 but it just seems so loose in there. Am I missing something?
  5. Im interested in how I would be able to tell such as the taylormade serial number starting with a T etc...
  6. What are the differences in retail vs tour issue in the x2 hot line of woods? Different serial number? No serial? Specifically the fairway woods. Thank you!
  7. Oak tree mens is where the senior tournament will be. Oak tree cc is separate. My vote would be for jimmy austin. Thats the ou course. Good shape and a good test.
  8. Forgot to mention: the only trade I might consider is some sort of newer 3 wood. Thanks.
  9. I have a few shafts and a driver head for sale this evening. All prices include PayPal fees and shipping to CONUS. I will do my best to respond and ship promptly. Thank you for looking. 1) Miyazaki Kusala White 72x driver shaft with an authentic Titleist 910/913 driver adapter. In very good shape, the Miyazaki hologram sticker is still on it but has been worn away so it is unreadable. Price is $120. 2) Graphite Design Tour AD DJ 7X fairway shaft with authentic Titleist 913 fairway adapter. Also in good shape, a few minor scratches and knicks here and there. Price is $130. 3) Oban Revenge 8 05 flex shaft for a hybrid. Has been tipped 1 3/4 inches. Was an experiment that I never got around to. Price is $50. 4) Titleist 910 D2 head only. 10.5 loft. Very good shape. Just the usual ball marks on the face. Price $75.
  10. [quote name='epixep' timestamp='1395749319' post='8945661'] A good rule of thumb in golf (and most athletics) is if you're asking for free stuff, you're not good enough for it. Sorry if that comes off a bit harsh, but it tends to prove true. Start winning events and opportunities will present themselves, or at the very least you have more ammo on the resume if you need to approach a club. [/quote] Little miscommunication. I'm looking at this from the golf course point of view. Benefits to members and gives them someone to follow and possibly teach junior camps and such as well as getting the golf course name out there. But of course the player would benefit by getting a home course as well. And there are a lot of fantastic players that are on their way up that courses could get in their stable. If all the courses waited until the players got to the pga tour to offer an honorary membership then only the absolute best courses in the area would have any pros.
  11. I am curious how many courses allow aspiring pros to come practice and use the facilities? I have read a lot about courses around the country that invite players out, allow free practice, or even have a membership category for young pros but it seems that that idea is not very popular here in the DFW area. I don't know why more courses wouldn't take advantage of this opportunity to gain notoriety for relatively no cost. Now I understand that there would need to be some sort of vetting process as to not lose credibility, but it seems like a cool opportunity for members to get involved in a part of golf with which they may not be that familiar. It just seems that this would be a win-win situation for both the pros and the course/members as long as the stable of young pros was limited to a certain number. I have read an article in AvidGolfer about Lakewood CC in Dallas offering something like this but they are the only one I have heard of doing this. That is sort of my case in point there. Lakewood does this and got an article written about it: free exposure. Thoughts? Other courses that do this? Reasons why most don't? Could it be that clubcorp is so big here?
  12. If it is in good shape, expect to pay around 225ish
  13. One item tonight. Price includes PayPal and shipping to CONUS. Thanks for looking! I have an Adams Super LS XTD 15 degree fairway wood with an Oban Revenge 8 in 05 flex. Pictures tell the story. Asking $150.
  14. Only 2 items tonight. All prices are shipped CONUS. 1st up is an Oban Revenge 8 05 flex shaft for a hybrid. No blemishes at all. Raw shaft length is 39.5 inches. Shaft has been tipped 1.75 inches. Gripped with new Lamkin Crossline Cord midsize. About 1 and 1/8 inches tip prep. Price is $70 shipped conus. 2nd is an Adams Super LS driver head only. 9.5 loft. Very good shape. Just a few brush marks on the sole. Bought from fellow wrxer who told me it was tour issue but I have no way of verifying. Will come with sleeve also. Price is $125 shipped conus
  15. Golfwrx helps me find all of the info I need to fine tune my equipment. Thanks guys!
  16. Another question... what colors would look good on this finish? And has anyone changed the paint? Pics?
  17. Wondering which shaft will help me get more air under my drives. I need x flex for sure, ideally around 70 grams but im flexible here. I am really looking between the Tour AD EV 7x and the Motore Speeder 7.0x. If you have played either how high did it play? And if you know of others in this category, feel free to make suggestions. Thanks!!
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