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  1. Just a few items for sale today. As always, paypal only please. All prices include fees and shipping to CONUS. 1st up is a Callaway Razr Fit 15 degree fairway wood. Club is in good shape with a few minor paint chips at the topline. No dings or anything like that. Shaft is real Fujikura Motore F3 70x. Std length. Comes with wrench and possibly headcover.....if I can find it. Price is $old 2nd is a 2011 Bettinardi Studio Stock #7. This thing is beautiful. Has a few brush marks on the sole from normal use but is in excellent shape. 33.5" long. Comes with original headcover that shows
  2. Ha thanks guys. Good to know its not just me. Although I was kind of hoping it was just my massive clubhead speed......
  3. I just got one of the new Adams Super LS xtd fairway woods. Its the 3 wood. I hit it well but it whistles everytime I swing it. It is fairly distracting. Just curious if anyone else has had this problem or if it is just maybe a defect in my particular one? Thanks everyone!
  4. Dude is has to be Tiger shooting 40 on the front in 97 and then still breaking the record. unbelievable
  5. [quote name='teejaa6' timestamp='1362952834' post='6584759'] What is the head weight on the 2 Ball MID? Thanks. [/quote] I don't have scales but I believe I read somewhere that it was 400g.
  6. Hey all! A few items up for sale today. As always, paypal only please. All prices include Fed ex shipping to CONUS only. Thanks for looking everyone! 1st up is a Taylormade TP RIP Phenom 65 in X flex. It is in good shape, no big nicks or dings. TM tip is in good shape as well. STD Length. $45 Shipped CONUS. 2nd is a Fujikura Z Com 6 in X flex. Std. Callaway driver length. Has never been hit. Pulled it out of an FT Tour before I ever even hit it. Tip is prepped and ready to go. $30 shipped CONUS. Next is an Odyssey 2 Ball MID head only. There is a small stain on the face that I ca
  7. [quote name='robin_hood013' timestamp='1347472093' post='5629679'] Shaft length on the a12 pro? [/quote] It is std. length which is 40" I believe.
  8. First up is the Garrigus Special. Used Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 2 32 1/2" putter. It has been used for a few seasons so it has some minor knicks and dings but nothing huge. It was originally 34 inches but has been cut down. Has a red baby t grip that is worn a little but still has plenty of life left. There is lead tape in the cavity and on the sole and all of the paintfill has been removed so this would be a great paint project. No headcover but will ship protected. Price: $110 shipped to CONUS. Next is a Mizuno MP-600 Driver. It has the Fujikura E Fit-On 360 sha
  9. Quick sale today. Will ship via FEDEX ground with tracking number. 1st up is a brand new RH 2012 Studio Select Newport. 35". Grip is still in plastic. I hit a couple carpet putts with it but I like my Piretti better. Comes with headcover that has also never seen the course. $300 shipped CONUS 2nd: 2010 Art of Putting California headcover. Has been used but still in very good shape. No scrapes or scratches but some very minor pulls in threading. Pictures say it all. $old shipped CONUS. No specific trade interests but try me. Worst I can say is no. As always I will answ
  10. [quote name='dorm' timestamp='1339256075' post='5057494'] Interested in trade for Leupold, I have brand new still in plastic vokey 56 and 60* wedges 2011 models plus $75 cash? Just yesterday I left my rangefinder on the practice tee and no one turned it in, oh well. [/quote] Sorry. Rangfinder is sold.
  11. Hello fellow WRXers! I have 3 quality items for sale today. All items will be shipped FEDEX Ground with tracking number. CONUS only. Trade interests are: Ping i20 14 or 15 degree 3wood with X flex shaft, Adams XTD 14.5 3wood in X flex, or anything super interesting that you think I might like. As always, paypal only please. First one to pay gets the item. Ok on with the show, First up is a Bettinardi Glossy Gray Hex B putter cover. Only 250 were made!! This is a very cool looking and durable material. Mint condition. You can find it at Bettinardi website here: http://www.bettinard...lery_d
  12. And I just bought a new odyssey broomstick a couple of days ago. sorry
  13. [quote name='78Staff' timestamp='1337490388' post='4944772'] [quote name='World'sGreatestHacker' timestamp='1336494248' post='4872620'] I forgot to mention it comes with original headcover and tool as well!!! [/quote] Still available? Does the shaft play like a true X or a bit soft? [/quote] Yes it is still available and in my opinion it plays like a true x flex.
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