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  1. I would get them if the price is good. The fact that you posted a question here tells me you are interested in improving your game enough. So you will be a 18hcp soon, and at that point and beyond you can definitely play the 902 without any problem. Even now, playing the 902 won't hinder improving your game at all.
  2. I ended up purchasing the PF-2 set. To me, they feel as good as best player's CB irons out there, and they perform just as good. Something I didn't expect was it's about 1/2 to one club longer than some Miura's. Even without the irresistible price tag, PF-2 should be near the top of anyone's list. The whole experience got me thinking... ok, I get Eric the founder has extensive experiences in the golf industry for many years, but he is still one person. If a single person can manage to design and produce this good product, what are all the people doing in the major OEM's?
  3. You must be a fan of Miura--how would you compare the PF-2 with any Miura CB's if you played before?
  4. At this ball speed, you may want to launch higher and get more spin. Even the Max numbers don't seem enough--I would try a higher loft driver.
  5. After years of searching and trying for perfect down or synthetic vest, last Sunday I happened to play golf without plan and I happened to wear my usual wool sweater.. Wow, why haven't I tried this? Yes, it was lighter, warmer, easier to swing!
  6. [quote name='GolfMonster09' timestamp='1444267636' post='12425272'] [quote name='jon12' timestamp='1444260198' post='12424734'] Will there be an LS Tec driver? Sorry if already asked. [/quote] Yes. [/quote] Is the LS version going to be released with the non-LS version at the same time? (If so, LS is being replaced in just one year)
  7. Just watched Oosthuizen teeing off with the 2-year-old i25 at the Presidents cup... I believe he tried G30 LS tec, then went back to i25... So if Ping is not planning on i30, what's new from Ping in 2016?
  8. Club fitting may work like a charm in this case--find a reputable fitter around you.
  9. I thought i series is unique and performs quite different than LS tec.. :-(
  10. I have been using i25 driver and it is the best driver ever for me, better than G30 LS. I was wondering if Ping is going to put i30 on the market early next year despite some rumor that they already replaced the line with LS tec. Does anyone know?
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