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  1. My old travel bag needs replacement - anyone have any positive (or negative) reviews of these models? The pull-out wheel system looks slick and I can certainly see how this would take a load off the shoulders and back when you have a fair distance to cover. Does this Club Guider system work? The bag itself looks comparable to most other models but the wheel system interests me. Thanks
  2. Not quite - but I moved from Ping G700's to JPX 919 HMP. The Ping's when hit dead center were maybe a touch longer and definitely higher. Forgiveness was similar but turf interaction with the Mizuno's is better for me and I could never get used to the sound of the Pings. If you even slightly mis-hit them they sounded horrible. I also prefer the looks and the less offset with the HMP's. Both great irons but I prefer the Mizunos.
  3. I demoed head to head both Titleist T200's and JPX 919 HMP on both mats indoors and off grass at an outdoor range. I compared distance, dispersion, spin for both sets. You really can't go wrong with either iron as the performance (for me) was very similar. I ended up buying the Mizuno's because I thought they looked better (less appearance of offset), the gapping lofts were more uniform and I thought they felt slightly better. You won't be disappointed in either but test them both and go with your gut.
  4. I really think there is way too much emphasis on teaching a type of golf swing, or a specific swing system. Amateurs watch the pros on TV and want to learn to swing "like that". Truth of the matter is most amateurs don't have the strength, flexibility, talent or skill to emulate a pro type swing. I think most amateurs would be way better off if the instruction they were given was specific to their swing and body type only. An instructor should focus in on the major faults - poor grip, no body turn, poor swing path or whatever is the main issue that prevents them from hitting the ball with any
  5. I am a decent lag putter but absolutely horrible from 4 feet in - I can't stop following the putter head back on short putts. Last two rounds I closed my eyes on all short putts - I missed only one attempt in two rounds. I was self-conscious about it at first but because i wear sunglasses no one noticed. Not sure this is a cure but using it only on short putts seems to work for me .... so far .....
  6. Yes - that image does make sense to me. Like I mentioned - I don't notice anything different when I view my swing in slo mo but maybe I am changing my club direction in transition. Thanks
  7. Thanks for your reply SirFuego. The ZEPP "Tips" videos seem to contradict your explanation as they don't really mention impact as the primary influence on club plane. Your explanation does sound plausible but I'm still not sure I understand how my hand plane can be fine and my club plane can still be "off".
  8. I have no real data but I find it extremely hard to believe that major ball manufacturers like Titleist, Bridgestone, Srixon etc. would make a ball that performed differently due to the color. Even harder to believe that if they did so they wouldn't mention the differences in their marketing. I play both white and yellow and notice no difference other than the color.
  9. I've got a ZEPP swing analyzer and I'm confused about the plane data from my swing. I'm hoping one of you swing experts out there can shed some light on this. My analyzer consistently shows my hand plane to be very good - always between 0% and +3%- which shows my hand plane on my downswing very closely matches my hand plane on my backswing - so far so good. The problem is my club plane is consistently +8% to as high as +15% which indicates I am coming over the top with my club as my downswing plane is quite different than my backswing plane. I am confused as to how this is happening - if my ha
  10. Put your +4 and the 100th best Lpga pro in real tournament conditions and pressure and I'll take your bet any day of the week and twice on Sunday ....
  11. I've been using the "open the pickle-jar" with my right hand diligently for two full weeks now - 5 rounds and and about 10 large range buckets. Yesterday I shot the best round I've shot in years at a very tough track. I think the method as Nail-It describes it is not for everybody but it works for me and I want to thank him again for taking so much time on this thread. I just concentrate on bending my right wrist back during the backswing, try to initiate my downswing in a normal pattern and twist open the pickle jar prior to impact thinking of my right hand only. My divots are COMPLETELY diff
  12. I have been working on this technique for a week now and it has REALLY improved my iron play - especially my short irons and wedges. Everybody's experience is slightly different so here are mine; on my backswing I concentrate on gradually trying to bow my left wrist while simultaneously bending my right wrist back. I can't do it using only one wrist - I have to bend both wrists so I am loaded at the top. When I look in the mirror my left wrist is actually only flat even though it feels bowed - it proves I played with a major cupped left wrist for close to 40 years !I don't try to hold my right
  13. Yep - then you can apply it to your jaw muscles from over-eating due to the munchies .....
  14. I've used both Pro-soft and Sensicore inserts and honestly don't think there is much difference between the two feel wise. If you are really concerned about vibration and joint pain switch to graphite shafts.
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