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  1. Near my house, challenging course, great pool for the summer, great stuff for kids, great social programs. It's nothing that I couldn't replace piecemeal, but altogether it's super having it in one place that's 5 minutes away.
  2. I never had inordinate flyers or unexpected distance with the 2017 P790's, and I also played the 2019 P790 long irons and never noticed anything strange. Nothing strange to report after 3 rounds with 2021 P790's either.
  3. I was a 2017 P790 player, but I'm not coming directly from them. I played very well with them (Recoil 110 F4 shafts) but found the dispersion in the shorter irons to be a little loose - mostly not hitting a lot of shots as close as I wanted. I can't say 2021 P790 (now with Steelfiber i95 in Regular) has fixed that problem until I play quite a bit more. Still, they have a very solid feel to them, which I'm sure has a lot to do with the shafts as well, and I really like the more matte finish. They are by no means a forged feel, but they are definitely more solid feeling and sounding then my memories of the 2017 P790. 2021 P790 did nothing to offend me over the Labor Day weekend. I really like the way they look and feel, but this is my first go with the Steelfibers so I need to get used to the shafts before I can genuinely say these are all time great irons.
  4. Got my shipping notice last night with delivery tomorrow. Steelfiber i95's in mine and Lamkin ST+2 Calibrate mid grips. Very excited.
  5. While I haven't gotten a shipping notice for mine, I did get charged for the custom order on Friday, which is usually a good sign. My experience is that TM doesn't charge the credit card until they've got something to send. I also got the email pushing my shipping date back to 9/16, but I'm hopeful the supply chain has improved. Looking forward to the TM website stabilizing so I can access my account again.
  6. I've got the Del Monte 7. I can't say that it's changed my life, but I do like the feel and look. The insert rolls softer than the previous TP models - much closer to a White Hot feel than a milled face. I did not roll the Chalk so I can't compare the face there, but I can say it feels softer than the original TP, the TP Patina, and the original DJ Spider. I've got an Odyssey Ten too and it's not quite that soft but getting there. I like the way the Pure Roll insert rolls the ball more than the Ten with the Microhinge.
  7. EVERYONE - You cannot sell your codes in this forum, you cannot ask to buy codes in this forums, and you can't buy or sell your free clubs in this forum. We have a WTB forum for buying and a Classifieds section for selling.
  8. Ask and ye shall receive. We'll put this zombie back in the ground. /thread
  9. It's certainly interesting and exciting that this topic has stirred so much activity among the membership this morning. Knowing how these things often go, I'll take this moment to caution you all about letting the back and forth debate turn personal. Forewarned is forearmed.
  10. Newspaper = entitled to write whatever truthful stories it sees fit Mickelson = entitled to be offended and say so as he sees fit
  11. https://forums.golfwrx.com/forum/56-classifieds-for-sale-forum/ The link is to our Classifieds section, and the rules for posting equipment for sale and the eligibility requirements are listed at the top of that forum. You may not post in the general forums about equipment you have that you would like to sell.
  12. Moved to Deal/No Deal. Please keep us posted as to status and resolution.
  13. I'm doing the exact same thing. Just ordered the TW-X 5-iron and 4-iron to round out my 747V's. Looking forward to giving these a go.
  14. Anecdotally, I've heard the cooling versions that you keep damp really work amazing in hot weather. I would not be surprised at all if that's what going on here, not Covid concerns or fashion statements.
  15. I've got both. I really like the Traditions - they fit my feet like a glove, and are well cushioned and lightweight. Much better for walking and carrying. If you're looking for sneaker style comfort but with traditional styling, the Traditions may be just what you need. I like them enough that I've bought both the White and Brown colorways. The Premieres are simply higher quality materials and construction, but I do not find them as comfortable. That's not to say they aren't comfortable, I just find the Traditions to be some of the most comfortable shoes I've worn. The Premieres need more break in time, so I probably need a few more rounds to really get them conformed to my feet. Minor heel slippage as many have noted - very reminiscent of the old Icons and Classics as far as fit, which I recall also having minor heel slippage while walking, but never bothering me while swinging. I have not had stability issues with either shoe, but higher swingspeed players might appreciate the additional traction that the Premieres offer (at least the spiked models). I'll say they are both remarkable shoes and there is a reason both are being widely adopted on Tour. I'm surprised at how many Traditions are showing up on PGA Tour feet, and it's a testament to their comfort.
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