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  1. I wonder if maybe you could find a good condition used set of Ping S55's or iBlades already in his spec off the Ping fitting chart? My experience has always been that iron shafts take a while longer to get used to than drivers and that I can learn to like shaft, or go the opposite direction and think it's right until a few rounds later when I find it isn't. Iron shafts have just always been fickle for me.
  2. In the absence of any new factual information, we're going to start dialing back the conjecture and conspiracy theory stuff that's starting to crop up in this thread. It's just taking you guys and gals down a path of arguing amongst yourselves. We'll still be reviewing and approving posts, just understand that if you don't see yours approved it's because we're trying to throttle things down a bit.
  3. Closing this one up. If you need to post about Tiger please use the other Tour Talk thread. /thread
  4. Hopping in a again with my Moderator hat on. We're trying to let you have a free discussion of this huge news topic. That does not mean you are free to go at each other regarding the validity of your various hot takes. If you are quoting someone else's post to state your opinion about their opinion, you're probably doing it wrong - at least with regard to this thread. Contribute information, offer your own takes and commentary, offer up your prayers - but do not post solely to go at someone else. Thanks!
  5. I think the 25mph sign is for trucks - looks like that portion of the road is pretty significantly downhill.
  6. OK - guys and gals. Obviously, this is a huge news story not just in the golf world, and we want you to be able to discuss it freely in real time. So, we're going to lift the Moderator Approval safeguard for now. Everyone knows the rules here - particularly don't fight with each or make personal attacks. We will monitor the thread and delete posts that we deem to be trolling or out of bounds, and will discipline members accordingly. Please don't hesitate to use the Report button on posts that you think we should take a look at.
  7. There's a thread already going in Tour Talk /thread
  8. There's a thread in Tour Talk on this. /thread
  9. The numeral on the bottom is arbitrary - it's just a reference point for the user. Might as well be emoji or colored dots. What'd you hit there? That was a frowny face. Really? I've got to hit crying face from this far out. Was it Fred Couples who had sports player names for all his clubs?
  10. Golf would be much more fun if there was just one set of standard issue MacGregor Jack Nicklaus VIP blades with S300 DG shafts and Victory grips that we all had to use whether we liked them or not.
  11. "Jailbreak Velocity Blades"? Sounds dangerous. Tech names aside, I'm sure the hybrids will continue Callaway's excellence in that area. They have really cracked the code to making exceptional hybrids for all levels over the last few years. Irons certainly look great. Callaway's styling on the Apex line has always been very good. An Apex/Apex Pro combo set could be a very tasty treat.
  12. Thread cleaned up. Report received and under review. Carry on.
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