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  1. Works for 718 AP2’s as well. Combined with the 15% off for new email subscribers you can get a 4-PW set for $775
  2. Just checked back on the site and was able to get some! 7 dozen TM Lethals and 5 dozen original K Sig for $98/shipped. What a steal!
  3. There are some 718 AP2’s on there for around $560 after applying the coupon. 4-PW. Seems like a deal!
  4. These will go out the day of, or day after payment and tracking will be provided promptly. PayPal only please, price included PayPal fees and shipping from Houston. Callaway X Forged 4-PW Standard loft/length 1* flat DG S-300 shafts White/Black NDMC grips $750 OBO I will gladly answer any other questions or provide additional pics. Thanks!
  5. Just put 53’s back into my bag a few weeks ago. Great sticks!
  6. If anyone has one I could use, I’d appreciate it!
  7. It’s interesting that the only reason the Big 12 has a championship game is because of what happened with TCU/Baylor a few years ago and those teams getting left out of the mix.. Fast forward a few years and now we’ve had back to back years where teams have gotten into the playoffs while not playing in a conference championship game. Like SilverBullets said above - the committee needs to designate some criteria for getting into the game and stick to it rather than making excuses for putting teams in or out of the playoffs after the fact. I’m not saying either TCU or Baylor deserved to be in that year or that OSU deserves to be in this year, but the committee does need to be more consistent. Alabama was picked because they’re Alabama. If Texas A&M or South Carolina rolls through their season like Bama did and then gets annihilated by their arch rival and misses their championship game, they aren’t in the playoff.
  8. Alabama has played 3 non conference road games in 15 years. Wow.
  9. Overview All prices include shipping/PayPal costs First to pay gets the item Open to offers Items will be shipped day of, or day after payment is made Items Ping G LST 9* - Diamana W series 70x - 44.5" ($180 OBO) Odyssey White Hot Pro #9 - 34" ($60 OBO) Images Ping G LST Odyssey White Hot Pro #9
  10. 10 years 75 mil. College Station leaves a lot to be desired but even I’d have a hard time turning them down for that kind of $$!
  11. Jimbo to A&M. Hard to understand him leaving for any reason other than they’re paying him $7mil+ per year. Wow.
  12. Well, what more do you want? $15 off $25 AND free shipping? That's not good business. Yes. We aren’t in the business of making a company profitable - we’re looking for a deal and this isn’t much of a deal at all.
  13. Nothing. Just don’t mark it as sold until you receive payment.
  14. If you guys could choose any of the below to start a franchise with and build around given their current age, who would you take? Giannis KAT Porzingis
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