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  1. Zx7 is very forgiving for the size but I found the zx5 to be the easiest irons I have ever hit and just want to go straight. I have 4-6/7-pw combo now.
  2. I have zx5/zx7 combo and I went the opposite way. Just ordered up full new set of ZX5s. Was told 8-10 week lead time on the heads from DD fyi
  3. Used one round taylormade sim 2 rescue 19.5. Standard length. Hzrdus black 6.0 85g tensei av blue raw 80 stiff $240.00/shipped conus no trades PM Me
  4. Playing in a 4 hybrid. Z grip align standard. Grip and shaft basically new $75.00 shipped CONUS no trades PM ME
  5. I have one on order. I hope that’s not the norm
  6. Need these with align and im In
  7. Brand new size 12. I am away until Monday so cannot ship until then. $185.00/shipped CONUS PM ME. No trades
  8. Thanks I have same shaft in my driver and fairway both tipped 1” so guess I will match
  9. Yeah thanks I saw that wasn’t sure if I should split the difference between 18 and 21 and do .75 since mine is 19.5 degree
  10. Just bought a uncut Hzrdus black(the original one) 6.0 85g hybrid shaft. Installing it in a TM Sim2 19.5 degree hybrid. Curious how much I need to tip it?
  11. I got fit into the TSI3. I tend to hit it a little bit towards the heel. We moved the weight to the heel and I picked up some ball speed. Ordered it up but havent received it yet. Been about 3 weeks so far Thats really the only benefit I saw over other hybrids in the past I have used
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