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  1. Not that this helps you right now but TXG I believe on Mondays video Q&A said they were going to do a video comparing all the putter shafts. Hopefully comes out soon
  2. I played C Taper Stiff for a long time. Actually used S Taper stiff in my wedges.
  3. Hulk pvd smoke green 6.0 70g. Plays 43” in a cobra fairway. Have a new titleist fairway tip I can throw in for extra $10 if you want $135.00/shipped PM me no trades
  4. Ya same ball always snell black. Must have just been a random fluke. Played 5/6 rounds never had an issue. Was just curious if anyone else ever did
  5. I’ve got about 5-6 rounds with mine. Was first time it happened.
  6. Looking forward to hearing about the MMC version
  7. Anyone get any flyers with their zx5? First time playing distance beefier irons. Was on the tee of a par 3 hit my normal 185 shot and the thing went right over the flag upper deck of the trees. Had to of been 20 yards long atleast randomly
  8. Awesome I think im going to game my newport and sell the newport 2
  9. Untipped TM tip and play 45” ideally
  10. Selling as a package $140/shipped conus PM me no trades
  11. Hmm maybe I’m wrong I thought his last win I remember seeing him use a blade
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