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  1. Funny I did same. Kept trying for more “forgiveness” In the end went back to Newport with CT tour
  2. TM MyTp soto flowneck gp cord red star 35” standard loft lie gamed about 5 rounds $205/shipped conus PM me/ No trades
  3. What degree? How far do you carry your 3 wood?
  4. Pics been up for a while. Shocked. Not a fan of red but Interested to hear about the face
  5. New or mint Scotty Pistolero plus grip. Looking for the + version with larger lower half
  6. New in plastic Toulon Madison h/8 head with new in plastic golf pride red star cord grip $175.00 shipped CONUS No Trades PM me
  7. Irons. Need to just more greens in reg. Always been my issue
  8. $160.00/shipped conus New in plastic Toulon Satin h/8 Madison PM me no trades
  9. 13 Callaway X forged 14 Callaway Apex pro-minus the finish zx7
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