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  1. AVX for sure. Long time snell guy I just switched to it. Was shocked how good it felt and long it is off the tee. Still has some bite on the short shots but doesn’t rip back like I’ve had issues with
  2. Curious if anyone had same issue as me. I love Steelfiber i110cw accuracy but I feel when I switch to lighter shafts I struggle out of semi thick rough vs playing c tapers or DG.
  3. How’s the 4 iron? I found the iblade 4 iron very easy to hit
  4. MG3s are so good. Been playing vokeys forever just switched
  5. Awesome thanks. Interesting how they point out the beveled edge on the 223s as well
  6. It doesn’t chip. It’s a different finish not sure how to explain it. Shows fingerprint marks but no chipping and really no scratching. Almost looks like an oil on the shaft
  7. Certainly will play a lot thinner through the turf. Not my pic
  8. Atleast give trueyoung85 credit for his pic your ripping…..
  9. Do these have the copper underlay? Can’t seem to find confirmation
  10. My zx5/Zx7 combo may be in trouble if these feel as good as the mp20s did. Basically a combo set it looks like
  11. Trailing edge relief so sole plays thinner through the turf. 921 forged has it as well
  12. Any way to get an address picture of the pw?
  13. Looks great. Let us know how they are after you hit them
  14. Go LB. leading edge sits nice and low on both. Off firm turf LB will be good
  15. Any idea if they received their c taper shipment? I ordered a set last week was told 3-4 weeks 120 stiff
  16. Hope not I’m loving the new avx.
  17. Tour ad di 6x tm tip plays 45” installed. Untipped $185.00 shipped CONUS PM me no trades IMG_4295.MOV
  18. Bought a bunch of OG snells, Black and X and decided to go in another direction. They are all brand new I just drew the line on them. 1 dozen still in the box no line. I am just throwing in the sleeve of kirklands 27 OG snell or blacks 24 Snell X 1 sleeve of kirklands $110.00 shipped CONUS PM me
  19. Anyone on here do direct comparison to iBlades?
  20. I tried the whole big sole iron. Off fairways and tees it’s no issue but as soon as I go play a course with serious rough I remember why I play thinner soled irons
  21. I was in same boat always played M or C grinds on my lob but after reading through this forum decided to go SB as leading edge does sit lower and the 60/SB has been great. I ordered the 50 and 54. 50 is supposedly 8-10 week lead time tho…
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